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Family of 15-Year-Old Victim Kaylee Speaks Out After Horrific Attack

The family of the high school victim of a horrific attack has divulged her identity and extent of injuries while the community has stepped up to help them financially.

A viral video of the brutal attack near Hazelwood East High School in Missouri made headlines across the country and outraged many on social media. The video showed one teenager repeatedly slam the head of the victim into the concrete on Friday. The 16-year-old victim appeared to go into convulsions after the attack.

The St. Louis County Police Department said they arrested a 15-year-old suspect on Saturday but did not divulge her identity, owing to her age.

Two GoFundMe accounts from the family of the victim provided updates and identified her as Kaylee Gain. The veracity of the accounts were confirmed to KSDK-TV by the family.

Gain is reportedly in critical condition with traumatic injuries, including brain bleeding and swelling.

“We will not know the extent of the brain damage that has occurred until she wakes up,” read one GoFundMe account, “but the path to recovery will be extremely hard on the family, not only mentally but financially.”

The pages said Gain’s parents are staying by her side day and night.

“We are so grateful for the amazing medical staff who have been working tirelessly to give her the best possible chance at a full recovery,” read a message from the family. “We know she has a very long road ahead of her but we remain hopeful. We are so overwhelmed by all the support and love. Thank you!”

The two GoFundMe accounts raised more than $150,000 for the family.

The suspect is being detained by the St. Louis County Family Court on assault charges.

A friend of the victim said that she had been encouraged to “fight back” after being bullied prior to the horrific attack.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said that the suspect should be tried as an adult and added that she should be charged with murder if Gain doesn’t survive from her injuries.

“This evil and complete disregard for human life has no place in Missouri, or anywhere. I am praying for the victim,” he wrote.

An initial statement from the Hazelwood School District blamed the incident on bullying.

“It is a tragedy anytime children are hurt,” the statement said in part. “Bullying and fighting in the community is an issue for which we all need to take ownership and work towards a resolution for the sake of our children.”

  • APT TO THINK says:

    Bullying my ass! This was a hate crime plain and simple, as they all are lately.

  • David Charles says:

    100% hate crime. They even called out she was White…go get her. Lock these trash thugs up for life. Young Black Culture is broken and no one wants these criminals around them



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