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FAA Opens Investigation into Boeing

It’s not been a good week for Boeing. Their 737 Max 9 model continues to plague the company, with the latest Alaska Airlines incident catching the attention of federal regulators. A piece of the plane blew off mid-flight on a flight from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California, last weekend. The missing door was eventually located, but dozens of flights using this aircraft were rightfully grounded pending further investigation.

During those inspections by the airlines, the door plugs were found to be insufficiently secure, along with bolts that needed tightening. We’re dealing with the lives of countless people who participate in air travel daily. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that the Federal Aviation Administration is launching an investigation into the Alaska Airlines incident, as this continues to be a problem (via NBC News):

The Federal Aviation Administration announced an investigation into Boeing after an Alaska Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a door plug fell off the fuselage midair.

“This incident should have never happened and it cannot happen again,” the FAA said in a statement Thursday.

The administration said it notified Boeing of its investigation, which will look into whether Boeing “failed to ensure completed products conformed to its approved design and were in a condition for safe operation in compliance with FAA regulations.”

“This investigation is a result of an incident on a Boeing Model 737-9 MAX where it lost a ‘plug’ type passenger door and additional discrepancies,” the statement said. “Boeing’s manufacturing practices need to comply with the high safety standards they’re legally accountable to meet.”

The FAA had previously ordered the temporary grounding of some Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft for inspections, affecting about 171 planes worldwide. The decision was supported by Boeing.


Last year, Spirit AeroSystems, the manufacturer of the door plug, was the subject of a class action lawsuit that alleged “widespread quality failures.”

The suit, filed in New York in May by investors, didn’t specifically mention door plugs, but noted failures including defects such as “the routine presence of foreign object debris” in its products, peeling paint and missing fasteners.

We’re lucky this incident just involved a door flying off and nothing else. In 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines flight using a Boeing 737 9 Max crashed and killed all onboard.

  • TD says:

    The diversity hiring finally caught up with the Boeing, It is going to spread to all critical operations everywhere, Woke bastards don’t care if they kill everybody

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Lawsuits need to be against the Board of Directors, CEO & Director of Human Resources for putting these DEI standards into ANY and ALL companies. The only employees that should be hired, as consumers lives depend on it from ALL companies is that they hire the best, the most qualified, the most intellectual with the proper education for the position regardless of age, color, gender, nationality, etc = what used to be common sense. You cannot put people into jobs that they are not trained, educated or qualified to do just to make the company picnic more diversified. All that has done is reward those who have not furthered their education, continued life-long continued education and for staff to always do their best. Anyone that is currently in a job, that is there for the paycheck only without being able to do the job should be removed ASAP. We now have shown High School students that they can drop out of School, get a GED and minimum wage $15/hr or 32K a year. They are not well-rounded, unable to socialize properly in society and as test scores have shown barely can speak/write 6th grade English or perform 7th grade Math but they will earn $15/hr. That Minimum Wage that was just doubled is a HUGE portion of all items going up drastically in price. Inflation is horrible but even if Biden could reduce the inflation back to Trump levels, the prices will never drop to where they were because Biden and Friends put in that ridiculous catastrophic wage increase; so that’s about a 25% increase on every single item in every Store!

    Until you sue to punish those at the Top Level that made these changes and put in un-equipped and non-educated people for all of these jobs, at high wages while putting American lives at enormous risk every day; we won’t see a change.



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