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Explosive Messages Between Star Witness in Fani Willis Hearing and Lawyer Revealed

A crucial witness in the motion to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the Georgia election interference case was far more involved in the effort than previously known.

Terrence Bradley — former law partner and divorce attorney of prosecutor Nathan Wade — testified under oath Tuesday regarding what he knew about Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis and special prosector Nathan Wade’s personal relationship. Bradley took the stand after Judge Scott McAfee determined Bradley that couldn’t claim attorney-client privilege.

Text messages have now emerged that show Bradley cooperated extensively with Ashleigh Merchant, attorney for former President Donald Trump’s co-defendant Michael Roman in the Georgia case, in the effort to disqualify Willis.

A cache of over 400 text messages between Bradley and Merchant obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows continuous back-and-forth exchanges about Willis’s relationship with Wade.

Bradley offered input on individuals to subpoena for testimony on Willis and Wade’s relationship. He also derided Willis as “arrogant,” encouraging Merchant in her motion to disqualify the district attorney from the Trump case.

“I am nervous,” Merchant wrote in a text message on Jan. 8 — just a day after filling the motion. “This is huge.”

Bradley responded, “You are huge. You will be fine. You are one of the best lawyers I know. Go be great.”

Merchant gave Bradley a copy of her motion before filing, asking for guidance to make sure everything was accurate.

“Anything else? Anything that isn’t accurate?” Merchant texted Bradley.

“Looks good,” Bradley replied.

One piece of information put forth in the text messages ended up falling apart this week when Bradley testified under oath.

“Do you think it started before she hired him?” Merchant asked via text on Jan. 5, three days prior to filing the motion.

“Absolutely,” Bradley replied.

But in court Tuesday, Bradley claimed he was “speculating” in those text message exchanges.

Bradely said he couldn’t recall key details or specific information over two dozen times in the roughly two-hour testimony in Fulton County Superior Court on Tuesday. He also claimed he had only ever discussed Wade’s relationship with Willis once with Wade.

Lawyers for Trump and his co-defendants who are accusing Willis of having had an “improper” affair with Wade will try to connect evidence that Willis and Wade lied about when their relationship began and should therefore be disqualified from the case.

During their romantic relationship, which ended last summer, Wade and Willis vacationed in wine country in California, the Caribbean and other destinations.

Roman, a GOP political operative and co-defendant in the Trump case, first alleged that Willis had a conflict of interest in the case because she benefited financially from hiring her lover. Four co-defendants have made similar accusations.

The crux of the defense’s case is whether it can prove with a money trail that Willis has a conflict of interest in the case against Trump and should be disqualified.

  • Snickers says:

    It’s comin’ around the mountain FAT FANNI!!! :O

  • Lippy says:

    Whether or not there’s a money trail, hasn’t all the evidence of corruption made it abundantly clear that Willis should be disqualified?



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