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Expanding the Ground Activity Tonight’: IDF Pounds Hamas Targets to Prepare for Invasion

The Israel Defense Forces have “increased the attacks in Gaza” as Friday evening turned into the dark of night according to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesman. The strikes are likely aimed at further softening Hamas positions ahead of the much-anticipated ground invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces.

The Fox News Channel’s Trey Yingst, reporting from just outside the Gaza Strip, captured some of Israel’s strikes on Hamas targets:

The IDF’s Hagari said Israel’s air force has been “attacking underground targets and terrorist infrastructures” in Gaza. Friday evening’s increased attacks, he said, is a continuation of other IDF offensives in the last few days as part of the military’s preparation for an invasion set on rooting out and eliminating Hamas terrorists that have continued launching rockets for three weeks straight after slaughtering more than 1,300 innocents in Israel and taking hundreds of hostages.

All the attacks against Hamas targets in recent days, according to Hagari, prepared the Gaza strip for Israel’s ground forces to begin “expanding the ground activity tonight.”

“The IDF works powerfully in all dimensions in order to achieve the goals of the war,” Hagari emphasized.

Earlier on Friday, the IDF released a new video detailing how Hamas is using the Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip as its operational headquarters for ongoing terror operations based on the latest intelligence Israel has gathered:

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