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Ex-Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Pleads Guilty in Georgia Election Case

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis has pleaded guilty to intentionally interfering in the election process in the state of Georgia.

On Tuesday, Ellis’ attorneys informed Judge Scott McAfee that Ellis intended to plead guilty to aiding and abetting false statements in writing, and both were present in a courtroom hearing where a teary-eyed Ellis, 38, read from a prepared typed statement admitting her fault.

“As an attorney who is also a Christian, I take my responsibilities as a lawyer very seriously and I endeavor to be a person of sound moral and ethical character in all my dealings,” Ellis said in the courtroom. “In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, I believed that challenging the results on behalf of President Trump should be pursued in a just and legal way.”

“I endeavored to represent my client to the best of my ability,” she continued, saying she worked closely with other lawyers who provided her with information that she then told the media.

“What I did not do, but I should, was make sure the facts that the other lawyers alleged to be true were in fact true. In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence.”

She was charged with and subsequently pleaded guilty to a felony count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings. It carries a minimum of one year in prison.

As part of the plea deal, Ellis will have to serve five years probation and pay $5,000 in restitution to the Georgia Secretary of State within 30 days.

She will also have to complete 100 hours of community service, write an apology letter to voters in the state of Georgia and testify truthfully in future hearings regarding ongoing cases.

Ellis is also not allowed to post anything on social media about her case until the conclusion of all cases about election inference.

In lieu of ongoing cases, she must fully cooperate with prosecutors in interviews and evidentiary hearings as well as assisting in pre-trial matters.

She also asked the court to be tried as a first-time offender.

  • f says:

    Every fucking person in this current ILLEGITIMATE ‘Administration’ deserves nothing less than a bullet in the head.

  • Adorable Deplorable says:

    The current administration is dangerous to our Republic. They have obviously threatened these people. The government has all of our tax dollars and can drag these things out for years, causing regular people to go bankrupt. Trump supporters are being called “extremist” by our current administration and I have no doubt that we will be hunted down and ruined and or killed if they have their way. My faith is in God! I do not worry. I’ve read the Book, WE WIN!

    In the meantime, we must all pray for this nation. We must pray for Donald Trump. We must do our very best to protect our hearts from the hate that this administration is causing. We must pray that these evil people begin to see that their actions are ruining the greatest country in the world and that they would turn from their evil ways.

    I have been growing hate in my heart against this horrible government, but then I realize that the evil one wins when all I have is hate for these people. I am not great at remembering this, but thankfully, God hasn’t given up on me yet and He reminds me to pray for my enemies.

    God Bless America – The Country that was Great, when we had You as our Leader.

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