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Ex Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Bulldozes Jan. 6 Tale from Star Witness

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is debunking claims made by former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson during testimony in front of the partisan January 6 Committee Tuesday afternoon.

Under oath, Hutchinson told a story about President Donald Trump allegedly lunging toward the steering wheel of The Beast (the presidential limousine) after Secret Service agents told him he could not travel to the U.S. Capitol.

She said the incident occurred after a speech to supporters at the Ellipse on January 6, 2022.


But according to Bongino, her description is impossible because President Trump wasn’t traveling in The Beast that day. Instead, he left in an SUV.

When the story was told in real time Tuesday, Bongino immediately questioned its validity.

  • James says:

    Look at her bank account, see if she has received a large amount from the Democrats or the committee, I would bet on it. The woman is another paid scumbag who has a grudge against someone in the GOP, likely that someone is Trump. Not getting away with it biotch.

  • W. Hamil says:

    If any true justice actually existed in politics, Hutchinson would be arrested and serve time for perjury and obstruction of justice. But since there is a two-tiered justice system and Dems can literally get away with murder, it’s unlikely she’ll face any consequences for her obvious lies. Had the same thing happened to a Conservative or Trump Supporter, they’d already be doing time in jail without the benefit of any due process. Why are so many still in jail over January 6th without receiving any due process or a speedy trial? Justice is dead in this country. Be afraid, be very afraid – it could happen to you.

  • dez says:

    The Radical Swamp Dwellers have lied so much that no one takes them serious. The unfounded made up claims are never the subject of bottom of the bird cage wrap like Buzz Feed, NYT or the other rags. They just ignore the truth and wait for the next paid for whistle blower to claim the next big ‘blame it on ‘Trump’ sensation that they claim will surely sure sink the Orange man this time. Beep, Beep again Trump makes these fools look pathetic as they chase their tails for anything that they can use to keep him off the ballot in 2024. All I can say is you better pray it works. Trumps had a long time to observe those who tried to destroy our country, us, and him. You got him mad now. Yet when Dems lose both the Senate and House they will come screaming that Rep are angry and vengeful and only want payback. They will wrap themselves in a pure white wedding gown, crawling on their faces , demanding unity, tolerance and for all of Congress to work together. NOT. I want Trump to roll back every single item Biden put his pasty white ass pen to. I want to see everyone of these Dem Cockroach liars destroyed like they tried to destroy Trump.

  • The lengths they will go to in order to slander and defame the most popular and the best POTUS since Ronald Reagan, is boundless! They will spread gossip, innuendo and outright lie about him, his family and anyone connected with him or his supporters! What they are doing is besmirching the good name of the majority of the citizens of this country, because we are the ones who put him where he was and will reinstall him again by God!

  • David Ellis says:

    Demand the release of the 1/6 Political Prisoners being Held without Due Process !!!



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