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Ex-Republican Adam Kinzinger’s Past Gun Tweets Comes Back to Haunt Him

Former Republican Rep. and current CNN political analyst Adam Kinzinger condemned the GOP for “flaunting” their support for the Second Amendment.

The ex-Republican took the time to give his unwanted opinion on Monday’s deadly shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, to condemn the party’s “gun fetish.”

“You can oppose a ban, fine. But the flaunting of guns and the gun fetish really bothers me,” Kinzinger wrote on Twitter, attaching a photo of Reps. Ana Paulina Luna (R-Fla) and George Santos (R-N.Y.) wearing AR-15 lapel pins that were distributed by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga), who owns a gun store in Georgia.

However, his past returned to haunt him less than 20 minutes after Kinzinger’s post.

YouTuber David Freiheit posted a photo of Kinzinger and his brother proudly holding an AR-style rifle with a handgun strapped to his leg, along with the #Murica.

“Is this you?” Freiheit asked. “I’m actually not being sarcastic. Is this your tweet, and is this you?”

It was, in fact, Kinzinger because the photo was posted from the same account he used to attack Republicans this week.

In response, Kinzinger said, “yes, that is me. That also was many years ago, and I have since moderated somewhat on this issue, as have millions of Americans. BUT if you don’t want to leave room for people to evolve on this issue, then you only have yourself to blame. I also am a military member… clown.”

Yes, Kinzinger evolved, but he decided to sell his soul to Left-wing media around the same time.

“This is the exact reason many in Congress are unwilling to have this discussion because idiots like this never allow it,” the former GOP member continued.

Freiheit called out Kinzinger’s double standard, saying, “no longer being in favor of rights that you benefited from is not evolution. It’s hypocrisy.”

  • Scurvydog says:

    “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” It’s not the guns, you idiots! It’s the uncontrolled criminal. The unmedicated mental patient. The demon possessed mass shooter. If you want to control death, then control the killers! Put them to death when they are convicted. Give them long prison sentences when they are caught will illegal firearms. There is no response from government concerning the law we already have to regulate criminals, yet “prison reform” is the left wing mantra. “Turn them loose” is the motto, and the they cry and whine the murderers continue murdering! It just boggles the mind!

  • Larry Bouza says:

    Why do these idiots in Congress rant on and on about gun control and how we need to take guns away from “law abiding citizens”, but ignore the fact that it’s not the gun that stands up, points itself, pulls it own trigger and then reloads it’s mag when empty. It’s the person holding it. That is the problem. The fact is more people are killed with hammers and screw drivers that with AR’s by 20 fold. Either learn at least something about weapons or STFU.

  • Jim Parker says:

    So this loser ass cry baby dick smoker called somebody else a clown? That truly IS rich. Cry me a River sissy boy.

  • Justin Hilliard says:

    Evolve? From what to what? A spineless amoeba to a feces sucking intestinal parasite? This is why the Republican Party, aside from a very select minority, are so vehemently loathed and despised. They get elected promising one thing and then promptly betray the people that voted for them.



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