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Elon Musk Schools Mark Cuban After He Tries to ‘Educate’ Him on DEI Policies

Perhaps one day leftists will learn not to pick a fight with X owner Elon Musk because they always end up on the losing end. Anti-Trump Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban became the world’s richest man’s latest victim Thursday.

The subject of the spat was Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies, which Musk is an avowed opponent of. DEI disavows meritocracy and instead discriminates based on race and religion.

As billionaire Bill Ackman brilliantly laid out, a person’s degree of oppression under DEI is determined based on where one resides on an “intersectional” pyramid.

Whites, Jews, and Asians are deemed oppressors, and a subset of people of color, LGBTQ people, and women are considered to be oppressed.

“DEI is racist because reverse racism is racism, even if it is against white people,” he concluded.

The dispute between Cuban and Musk began after Musk replied to liberal activist Ed Krassenstein, who had his own back-and-forth with the X owner over whether DEI was racist.

Cuban saw this exchange and decided he would try to ‘educate’ Musk on how ‘wonderful’ DEI is in a long-winded, nonsensical thread.

Musk responded with a brilliant one-sentence question regarding whether these DEI policies would apply on the basketball court.

Cool, so when should we expect to see a short white/Asian women on the Mavs?

What makes Musk’s reply brilliant is that he exposes both Cuban’s hypocrisy and the DEI fraud in just a few words. First, anyone with brain cells knows that a short female player of any race would get destroyed on the basketball court because they lack the requisite skills to succeed.

Cuban in his heart knows this and the current Mavericks roster bears this out. Sports are one of the last vestiges of true meritocracy in America because coaches and players of all races get held accountable for not performing.

If Cuban followed DEI’s tenets to a tee, the Mavericks would never win a basketball game. Thus, the owner’s commitment to these practices is little more than worthless virtue-signaling.

X users sided with Musk in a series of hilarious replies.

  • Ruger1 says:

    And, Another Win For Elon!!!! Sorry There Little Marky… Thanks For Playing… Now Take Your Ball and Go Home!!!

  • maga24 says:

    The only people i hire, cover their own costs and make money/profit for the business. Freeloaders are just that.
    Let that sink in when you are applying for a job.
    Ass, gas, or grass, no one rides for free.



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