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Elon Musk Responds to Blowback Over ‘Misgendering’ Policy

Elon Musk offered reassurances on Saturday to podcaster Tim Pool over how X, formerly known as Twitter, contends with users who identify as transgender.

“I will be terminating all ad spend commitments and verified accounts over X reinstating the misgendering policy,” Pool said in a post on Friday.

Pool said in a separate post that he “just deleted a 25k ad campaign” and noted plans for “200k for march.”

In response to the first post, Musk said, “Turns out this was due to a court judgment in Brazil, which is being appealed, but should not apply outside of Brazil.”

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled that homophobic slurs were punishable by prison after it determined homophobia was a crime in 2019, Agence France Presses reported in August.

Pool had shared a link to a report by The Hill about a “quiet update” that appeared to revive a policy X removed last year — after Musk completed a $44 billion takeover of the platform — prohibiting the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.”

A page on X’s website that says it was updated in January 2024 contains a section on “Use of Prior Names and Pronouns.” The section claims that X “will reduce the visibility of posts that purposefully use different pronouns to address someone other than what that person uses for themselves, or that use a previous name that someone no longer goes by as part of their transition.”

Responding to one X user who shared screen grabs that indicated a gender identity policy was being enforced, Pool said, “Hateful conduct.” He also said, “X is the woke mind virus,” adding, “I hope this gets resolved.”

Musk replied to that comment prior to his post about Brazil, saying, “Fixing.”

Expressing appreciation for the response, Pool said, “I should always wait because you do always seem to do the right thing or try your best.” He continued, “Massive respect.”

“There is no reason to have a misgendering or deadnaming policy,” Pool said in another post. “If someone is harassing then you can block them.”

Musk also replied to that post, saying, “I agree.”

Pool shared a screen grab of that exchange and touted X for having an owner who responds directly to its users.

“X is the only platform where the owner treats you like the customer and tries to engage and make it better,” Pool said. “Thanks @elonmusk.”

  • MiniBooger says:

    It’s going to get worse for worldwide companies. Trudeau is presenting a bill that would make ‘hate speech’ a felony. Of course, the definition of hate speech will constantly change to suit whatever agenda is in play at any given time…

    • Kerry says:

      That is what irritates me, they change the rules and who the hell is determining what is hate speech in the first place???? The global parasites have no business judging the rest of us for anything, they are the most hateful and evil scum on the planet!

  • Debra says:

    Wonder if this is corporate sabotage by woke employees, it takes time to get rid of the disease.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh ..right on…Elon…two genders…forever and a day…into end of our times…next story…

  • Dr. Who says:

    We seem to be missing the point of free speech and how it applies to the American people. Why? Because we have all been MK mind-controlled into not believing that we, indeed, have the freedom to speak, as we wish, about any subject, without repercussion, under our form of governance. We have been fooled into thinking that what we say must be 100% accurate in what we assert. That we must cite references. We must perform a plethora of rituals before we have credibility and protection under our First Amendment. This is not the case. The 1st amendment protects the “citizen journalist.” Corporate Journalism must adhere to the rituals of authentication, backed up by sources and supported by a corporate financial structure. Corporate journalism does this to claim credibility for their business model. Corporate journalism is not protected by the First Amendment. Corporate journalism is a regulated industry. Therefore, if we, the private citizen journalists, err in our speech, we merely demonstrate our human nature. If the corporate media errs, they are responsible to the regulators and their shareholders. We have been fooled into believing that we must align our speech to the perceptions of the listener. This is not true. We have been fooled into believing that someone can compel us to call them a “girl” when they are a “boy.” We are not compelled by the Constitution to participate in anybody’s psychotic behaviors. We are not compelled to use our free speech to coddle or cajole a person, with obvious mental illness, amid an identity crisis, or confused gender ideation, and use language that pacifies their behavior under the constraint of law. It is a nullification of the 1st amendment for anyone to tell a sovereign citizen, of this Constitutional Republic, what words he can or cannot use. “…Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me…” As a person who lives under the authority of the Constitution, you have the GOD given the right to say whatever you will about whatever you will. There is no Constitutional imperative for you to say what the hearer wants you to say. We are not compelled by the Constitution to participate in any activity we do not wish to. This includes being compelled to participate in a public display of dissociative or cognitively impaired speech or conduct. We do not have to use specific pronouns for any reason whatsoever. The essence of free speech is freedom from oppressive, illegal, and unconstitutional demands for speech compliance from the mentally deranged. The Constitution gives us the right to address a person the way we wish. This means that there can be no conditions upon which the demand for speech compliance is valid under our Constitution. We do not have to kowtow to anyone’s cultural peculiarities. We can blaspheme allah just like we blaspheme the GOD of Heaven. Neither god will strike you dead for doing so. Only the zealots of islam, who want to abridge your free speech, will kill you. And they will kill you in god’s name, of course. Notwithstanding the intolerant listener, you are free to speak as you wish to your heart’s desire. But, no one can tell you that you cannot speak or, in speaking, must say what the hearer wants you to say. In our Republic, no private citizen, no one in the government, and no one in the commercial sector can compel your speech. If your speech is compelled by anyone, you will know that you are embroiled in a totalitarian dictatorship.

    • Richard Mundy says:

      Dr. Who, this is well written thank you for posting this broad understanding of our constitutional rights.

  • Kerry says:

    My pronouns: Female, Heterosexual, Proud, White, God Fearing, Disenchanted, American, Patriot. Does anyone have a problem with that? Ask me if I care!



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