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Elon Musk Puts Global Elites on Notice at the World Government Summit

Billionaire tech entrepreneuer gave a warning at the World Government Summit in Dubai about the risks of civilizational collapse if too much power were to be consolidated by globalist elites.

“One thing I should say, I know this is called the World Government Summit, but I think we should be maybe a little bit concerned about actually becoming too much of a single world government,” Musk said.

“If I may say that we want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having, frankly, this may sound a little odd, too much a cooperation between governments,” he continued. “You know, if you look at, say… history and the rise and fall of civilizations, really all throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen, but it hasn’t meant the doom of humanity as a whole. Because there’ve been… all these separate civilizations that were separated by great distances.”

“While Rome was falling, you know, Islam was rising, and so you had like… the sort of caliphate doing incredibly well while Rome was doing terribly,” Musk added.

“That actually ended up being a source of preservation of knowledge and and many scientific advancements,” he went on. “And so I think we want to be a little bit cautious about being too much of a world of a single civilization, because if we are too much of a single civilization… the whole thing may collapse.”

“No, I’m not, obviously not suggesting war or anything like that,” he added, “but I think we want to be a little bit wary of actually cooperating too much. It sounds a little odd, but we just want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such that if if something does go wrong with some part of civilization, that the whole thing doesn’t collapse. And, you know, humanity keeps moving forward.”

On Twitter, Elon Musk responded to a tweet from the commenter ALX on the forum address.

“Elon Musk speaks out against the idea of a ‘World Government’ at the ‘World Government Summit’ and warns it could lead to civilizational collapse,” ALX said.

“Seemed like the right venue,” Musk remarked.

Musk’s warning about the ‘civilizational risk’ from world government fits with my view that humanity is now entering dangerous new territory in the aftermath of the Cold War. The nuclear arms race that led to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) counterintuitively led to the relative absence of unrestricted warfare between Great Powers, what is known to international relations scholars as the “Long Peace.” But this presumably beneficial development for mankind culminated in the rise of asymmetric warfare, such as influence operations and terrorism; the Information Revolution of the 1990s brought about an escalation of Information Warfare (or 5G warfare).

Globalist elites now seek ideological and political “convergence” into a world government that is administered by a “core” of superpowers that aims to integrate nations from the “periphery” and “the hinterlands.” This is a Hegelian dialectical process that entails the breakdown of intercivilizational barriers, the centralization of decision-making and responses to “emergencies,” and the application of technological means to control the global population’s travel and communications. On a practical level, this entails administration by unelected officials in international bodies, such as the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations.

The war in Ukraine may be seen through the lens of Russia resisting integration into this globalist “core.” NATO is fighting back against Russia’s incursion into Ukraine using 5G warfare, while Putin has been relying upon a realpolitik grand strategy of using pipeline politics to maintain regional influence. The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage may thus be viewed as an attempt to undermine Russia’s ability to resist this integration into the global community. It now appears that Western powers are willing to risk nuclear war in order to expand their reach.

However, there is a principle in military strategy that you never press an enemy too hard; you must always allow a limited retreat. NATO may be backing Russia into a corner too forcefully, as demonstrated by Norwegian military reports indicating that Russia is now deploying warships armed with nuclear weapons.

Whether it is nuclear war or civilizational collapse after centralizing too much power into a world government, humanity is entering a Brave New World. Mankind would do well to heed the warnings from history, instead of brazenly believing that we can rewrite it. The hubris of elites may indeed be our downfall.

  • One Patrioit says:

    , Read the constition, government is to represent the people, not to control the people!

  • Bob says:

    Hey Elon, please keep the “One Government” elites away from Mars. They’ll ruin it.

  • Monk says:

    The WEF is a mere group of elitist power brokers. They serve only the interests of themselves, certainly not the interests of the masses. A smart position would be to remove this group, entirely, by whatever means necessary.

  • Leah W says:

    Ya gotta love Elon! He never minces words.

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