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Elon Musk Prevented Ukrainian Attack on Russian Naval Fleet Over Fear of Nuclear War

Elon Musk, the billionaire and CEO of multiple companies has often appealed to both Ukraine and Russia to stop war and find a peaceful solution between them. Musk has supported Ukraine by providing internet to Ukraine through its Starlink satellite system.

However, a biography on Elon Musk, which is set to be released by Simon & Schuster on September 12, has highlighted how Musk prevented war nuclear war between Ukraine and Russia. The biography, written by Walter Isaacson, wrote that Musk secretly ordered his engineers to turn off SpaceX’s Starlink satellite communications network near the Crimean coast last year to disrupt a Ukrainian sneak attack on the Russian naval fleet.

The author stated as Ukrainian submarine drones strapped with explosives approached the Russian fleet, they “lost connectivity and washed ashore harmlessly”.

The decision by Musk left Ukrainian officials begging him to turn the satellites back on. However, Musk’s decision was driven by an acute fear that Russia would respond to a Ukrainian attack on Crimea with nuclear weapons. His concern over a “mini-Peral Harbor”, did not come to pass in Crimea.

However, Musk has clarified that SpaceX did not deactivate anything. The Starlink regions were not activated. He added that the US government had ordered to activate Starlink all the way to Sevastopol to sink most of the Russian fleet at anchor. “If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” Elon Musk said.

The book by Isaacson stated that Musk was impressed with the design of the submarine drones but that he wouldn’t turn satellite coverage back on for Crimea because Ukraine “is now going too far and inviting strategic defeat”.

Musk told Isaacson, “How am I in this war?” “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.”


    I don’t know Elon I was hoping Putin would hit the White House with his biggest nuke. Maybe that’s why Biden is rarely ever there.
    Stop sending our military and our money to Ukraine now and watch how fast this fake war ends. And it will I guarantee. Hang Joe Biden for Treason and Corruption!!

  • Boycotter says:

    China prob asked him to disable the satellites. I don’t trust Elon.

    TRUMP 2024
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    Not one more cent or one more minute from our household will be spent on these anti-American freaks ! EVER !!

  • See more says:

    Elon the government wants to sue you so don’t let them talk you in to helping them with that Russia and Ukraine war. They have a lot of nerve to ask for your help in anyway.



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