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Elon Musk Issues Urgent Warning to Humanity

Elon Musk has issued a stark warning about the future of humanity: “If there are no humans, there’s no humanity.” Speaking on the critical issue of declining birth rates, Musk insisted that we should be “very concerned” as these rates are “accelerating in most countries.” The implications, according to Musk, are dire.

But it’s what he said next that was very telling.

“In the sort of extreme form of the environmentalist movement, people start to view humans as a plague on the surface of the earth, as a fundamentally bad thing, and with the implication that if all humans disappeared, somehow earth would be better off.” Musk described this as “The Extinctionist Movement.”

He didn’t stop there. Musk elaborated on the dangerous ideology, stating, “I think at a fundamental level, you can think of things as a fight between expansionist and extinctionist philosophies. And that’s what really matters. If humans go extinct or civilization collapses, whatever policies we may have are irrelevant.”

Musk stressed that the survival and expansion of humanity are essential for the continuation of civilization and consciousness. “We must have an expansionist philosophy for civilization and for consciousness. We must seek to go beyond what we’ve done in the past to increase the number of humans,” he asserted. “So, one way or another, this must happen.”

“So, the final message is to go forth and procreate?” the host representing Cato Institute asked. Musk replied, laughing and with a smile on his face, “Yes. Go forth and multiply.”

Watch the Full Interview:

  • MK says:

    Bingo! Finally someone gets the Idiocracy. The same Idiocracy is behind the open borders movement! I had a DemocRat piece of shit tell me that white people don’t belong on the American continent and it was time for the brown people to take it all over. This same retarded bitch has spawned two siblings who are citizens here. I asked her what was the plan for where her kids would end up. She said to me without hesitation that they all had duel citizenship to Germany and would leave here if they had to. Well I don’t intend for me or mine to leave! We really need a real opposition party not a RHINO party or a uniparty. We have had that shit since Regan years. The Rhino piece of shit voters really need to wake up and smell the coffee and start vetting real conservatives coming up in the ranks locally. One man like Trump can’t do it all and won’t be around forever.



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