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Elon Musk Endorses Candidate for House Speaker

Twitter CEO Elon Musk endorsed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Thursday to be the next House Speaker as members of Congress continue to negotiate and vote for who they want to fill the leadership role.

“Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker,” Musk tweeted. In a follow-up tweet several hours later, Musk asked, “If not McCarthy, then seriously who?”

McCarthy, who served as House minority leader before the GOP won a majority in November, seemed poised to become the nation’s third-most powerful elected official until a small group of Republicans refused to back him in a series of votes this week.

In a Thursday morning tweet thread, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro laid out what is happening behind the scenes, and indicated that there could be division among the 20 Republican holdouts.

Shapiro said that a few of the Republicans who were holding out on McCarthy had some specific requests about what they wanted, while the others who refuse to support McCarthy “have no plan whatsoever.”

“The former group’s strategy can be worthwhile: use your outsized leverage to exact commitments to vote on funding bills by department, for example, rather than in an omnibus,” Shapiro said. “The latter group — never McCarthy, under any circumstances — will likely force a wild counterplay.”

“That counterplay could take the form of Republicans and Democrats voting to appoint the Speaker by plurality rather than majority,” he added. “If that happens, this puts the Never McCarthy group in the position of either voting for McCarthy, or letting Hakeem Jeffries become speaker.”

McCarthy has given the small group of Republicans many of the concessions that they have wanted, including allowing for one member to introduce a motion to vacate rather than five, enabling lawmakers to more easily replace McCarthy should he become the presiding officer, according to a report from Axios based on multiple Republican sources. He also promised to hold votes on term limits and border security, as well as grant the House Freedom Caucus more seats on the powerful House Rules Committee.

  • IF not McCarthy, then it should go to either Gaetz or Jordan, because these 2 Excellent choices are the choices that McCarthy had locked in be 1st 2 choices to be on that Democratic 1/6/2021 Circus Kangaroo Court Committee!!!

    • Breadwoman says:

      If we don’t want McCarthy, we certainly wouldn’t want ‘his pick’ for it! I LIKE VERY MUCH that these 17 or so ‘hold-outs’ AREN’T naming ‘a name’ of who they would vote for. Pretty much they’ve voted for EVERY new name added. Just NOT McCarthy. Is that so hard to understand. Pick someone ELSE, GOP, and get this Vote underway. Take Kevin’s name OFF, and then see what you get. Easy.

  • Justin Tyme says:

    Democrats are loving this chaotic mess the GOP has going on!! This is the definition of insanity!! Repeating the same thing with the same results over and over and over!! I’m starting to think there’s a lot of dirty under the table money being offered to those who won’t give an inch at the expense of the American People who are being robbed and assaulted by this Biden Communist Regime of Satanic Earth Devils!! I won’t be voting no more!! The GOP has destroyed all faith in them!! No more votes!!! All their doing is losing the peoples faith in them and I’m sure this will really hurt their 2024 election turnout!! Republicans are just shooting themselves right in the head!!! The country is doomed!!

  • Auntie Vyris says:

    I have never liked Ben Shapiro. Never. Not even when he “owned the Libs”. Might be his whiny nasally voice, or rather his Establishment arse-kissing, not really sure. Prolly both.

  • ron says:

    IF they cant agree, then elect him and HOLD him TO the promises of a Vote on term limits and Border security ! You’ll never get term limits any other way. Its an opportunity. If he doesnt do as promised, Throw his ass out.



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