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Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey’s Private Texts Leaked

JACK Dorsey pushed for Elon Musk’s addition to Twitter’s board a year before the Tesla CEO’s $44billion offer, a series of private text messages claim.

The exchange comes to light amid the ongoing legal battle between Twitter and Musk, who agreed to purchase the social media platform back in April before he pulled out of the deal in July.

Court records obtained by Insider show Dorsey first texted the Tesla founder on March 26.

Dorsey’s initial text to Musk about Twitter reportedly said: “A new platform is needed. It can’t be a company. That’s why I left.”

According to the text log, Musk quickly replied: “What should it look like,” to which the former Twitter CEO responded by explaining that the platform should become an “open-sourced protocol” that looks “a bit like what Signal has done,” referencing the encrypted messaging app.

Dorsey also said that the platform “can’t have an advertising model,” which is currently the central business model of most social media companies.

Musk told Dorsey: “I’d like to help if I’m able.”

The text log showed that Dorsey told the SpaceX founder that he had pushed for his addition to Twitter’s board a year earlier, but the company’s board said “no”.

According to Dorsey, the board viewed Musk “as more risk,” which he thought was “completely stupid and backward,” court docs claim.

The Twitter co-founder revealed that at that moment, he decided he “needed to work to leave, as hard as it was for him”.

When Musk and Twitter eventually agreed to add the tech mogul to the board on April 5 – a day after his stake in the company became public – the Tesla owner texted Dorsey to set a time to “speak confidentially”.

A few hours later, the two texted, referencing the call. Dorsey told Musk that he “couldn’t be happier you’re doing this.

“I’ve wanted it for a long time,” Dorsey added. “Got very emotional when I learned it was finally possible.”

When asked by Musk to advise him if ever he was doing or not doing “something dumb,” Dorsey reportedly replied: “I trust you but def will do”.


In April, Musk and Twitter agreed to a deal for the tech mogul to buy the social media platform for a staggering $44billion.

However, the Tesla CEO has since pulled out of the agreement, claiming Twitter misled him and the public about the platform’s problem with fake and “spam” accounts – promoting the company to file a lawsuit against Musk.

Lawyers for Twitter had requested to begin the trial as early as September to prevent Musk from further disparaging the company.

Musk had haggled with the court for a February 2023 start date, claiming a “warp speed” trial is an attempt to derail his argument the platform is cluttered with spambots.

The trial is expected to start on October 17.

Musk was expected to sit for a two to three deposition this week, however, it was postponed until next month, Reuters reported.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    JACK Dorsey pushed for Elon Musk’s addition to Twitter’s board a year before the Tesla CEO’s $44billion offer, a series of private text messages claim.

    This is nothing new. EVERYONE knows Musk turned down the Board offer because it would then limit him and the scope of what he wanted to (ultimately) do at Twitter. TELL US SOMETHING NEW, instead of trying to stay relevant in the news arena.

  • W. Hamil says:

    Musk should trust Jack Dorsey as far as he can throw him because Dorsey has always been nothing but a liberal snake in the grass.

    I finally left Twitter for good several years ago after constantly being censored and eventually being banned three times, simply for expressing legitimate Conservative opinions. Yet Liberals were always given complete free reign to post literally ANYTHING they wanted, no matter how untrue or disgusting (including porn). Dorsey was in charge at Twitter then.

    There has been NO Free Speech for Conservatives at Twitter for a long time and Jack Dorsey played a very big role in picking and choosing who was and who wasn’t granted First Amendment rights by Twitter. And it was most likely Dorsey’s decision to also permanently ban the current sitting President of the United States!!!

    Neither Jack Dorsey nor Twitter should ever be trusted, so Elon Musk should simply refuse to do business with either of them. Period.

    • ROBERT says:


  • Patriot says:

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  • william g says:

    Why would anyone want to but this for 44 Billion when they could start one for Less than 44 Million easy Period

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