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‘Effeminate’ Jesus Sparks Furious Backlash

More than 22,000 people have signed a petition protesting against a “homoerotic” and “effeminate” painting of a semi-naked Jesus Christ.

Commissioned to celebrate Easter week in the southwestern Spanish city of Seville, the piece by local artist Salustiano Garcia shows the son of God partially clothed, stood in front of a red background. Since its publication on January 27, conservatives in Spain have denounced the painting commissioned by the Council of Brotherhoods and Guilds.

Right-wing Spanish groups and figures have led the criticism. “It’s absolutely shameful and an aberration,” the conservative Catholic group ISPE said, describing Garcia’s piece as “effeminate” and “camp” and demanding a public apology from him, according to AFP.

Javier Navarro, of the right-wing Vox party, said that division over the painting “is not about artistic tastes; it is about the poster fulfilling the purpose for which it is intended and it is none other than encouraging the devout participation of the faithful in Holy Week in Seville.”

A petition has now been signed by more than 22,600 people demanding its removal. The petition organizers say that the artwork is “sacrilegious” and that it trivializes “religious motifs”.

Garcia rejected the connotations that some have perceived in the piece. “To see sexuality in my image of Christ, you must be mad,” he told ABC, a Spanish national daily newspaper. He added there is nothing in the work that “has not already been represented in artworks dating back hundreds of years.”

“If someone sees something dirty in my painting, it is their own impurity that they are projecting onto the image,” Garcia said.

Even the mayor of Seville is involved. José Luis Sanz deemed the controversy “artificial,” saying that he liked the artwork.

The painting has also caused a stir online outside of Spain. One X, formerly Twitter user, posting under the name Daniel vs Babylon, wrote: “Judgement will come upon Seville for effeminate Jesus.”

Another X user was less perturbed by the nature of the artwork. “I don’t care what the conservatives say, twinky Jesus is my lord!” wrote X user James Savage.

Jay Kelley posted on X: “Popular depictions of Jesus always looked kinda effeminate to me. And don’t get me started on those BDSM crucifixion poses!”

Garcia’s work has been described as “Renaissance perfection with mathematical rigor,” according to his website. He has exhibited his artworks around the world, including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Richard says:

    We are bombarded with blasphemous and irreverent attacks on the Name and person of Jesus Christ . From using His name carelessly and disgracingly in television, movies, music, and a whole host of vile filth, this evil world system seeks to dishonor the Christ of the Bible in any way it can. The distortion of the true Jesus lessens the seriousness/reverance that the spiritually lost should feel in their consciences. One read of Hebrews chapter one or The first chapter of the Gospel of John, and 1 John chapter one should bring a person to the realization that this awesome, mighty person is to be worshipped and obeyed, not ridiculed and distorted to fit the ideas of those who are depraved reprobates.

  • Jack in the Box says:

    Burn this disgraceful painting and throw the artist in jail!
    Anyone who is near the painting should spray it with fuel and set it on fire! This is a disgrace and it will backlash on Spain!

  • zionSlayer says:

    The whole image is repulsive. Jesus’ skin was was the color of bronze. His hair was like wool. READ YOUR BIBLE AND STOP LYING.

  • Dr. Who says:

    Salustiano Garcia is a cowardly horse-faced pony boy. Why do I say that? Because he would NEVER depict Mohammet or Alla as a feminine girly-boy. Why? Because the muslims would kill him for misgendering their god and their chief prophet. And that makes Garcia a coward. Christians should do the same thing to Garcia that the muslims would do to him for producing this blasphemy.

  • Golda Standard says:

    Ummm, why are we still depicting Jesus to look like a wall flower? He was a Semite, should look like one, who worked with his carpenter dad before power saws, power drills, power sanders, etc. He undoubtedly had callouses on his hands and a strong back, arms and legs. And he probably had an intelligent look about him, having discoursed in the Temple with the Rabbis at age 12, as well as a personable face to attract his followers who were all kinds of people. The Renaissance art period ended in the 16th century.



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