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Dylan Mulvaney Breaks Silence After Backlash Over Bud Light Partnership

Dylan Mulvaney returned to Instagram following the mass outrage over her partnership with Bud Light.

The transgender influencer, 26, raised ire among critics after being signed as a rep for the beer brand in a March Madness contest and has since kept her distance from Instagram.

Taking to Instagram Thursday, Mulvaney explained why she was “offline for a few weeks” as the backlash against the brand deal intensified.

“A lot has been said about me,” she said in a clip shared with her 1.8 million followers on the platform. “Some of which is so far from my truth that I was hearing my name and I didn’t know who they were talking about sometimes.

“It was so loud that I didn’t even feel part of the conversation so I decided to take the backseat.”

The company has been largely tight-lipped since April 1, when the social media star swigged Bud Light and showed off a commemorative can with her image on it to celebrate her first year as a woman.

But the brand’s controversial marketing tie-up ultimately resulted in declining demand, with Bud Light trailing other light beers by 6% at bars and restaurants.

Overall, Bud Light’s volume declined by 34.7% at bars, restaurants, and other venues between April 2 and April 15, according to BeerBoard.

Several restaurants and bars have stopped serving the beer brand altogether.

Mulvaney said she’s “doing OK,” but noted that being called “too feminine and over the top” makes her feel like when she was a child.

“But this time it’s from other adults,” she said. “And if they’re going to accuse me of anything it should be that I’m a theater person and that I’m camp. But this is just my personality and it always has been.”

“What I’m struggling to understand is the need to dehumanize and to be cruel. Dehumanization has never fixed anything in history,” said the influencer, who revealed her transition in a TikTok video in March 2022.

“I grew up in a conservative family and I’m extremely privileged because they still love me very much. And I grew up in the church and I still have my faith, which I am really trying to hold on to right now” she said, adding that she’s “always tried to love everyone, even the people that make it really, really hard.”

Mulvaney, who didn’t mention Bud Light in the post, said she’s shifting her focus to the people “who know me and my heart [and] won’t listen to that noise.”

“The good news is that the people pleaser in me has nearly died because there’s clearly no way of winning over everyone. But if you’re still around, I am too.”

  • Hey dude,
    Next time you’re in the shower cranking on that boner, how about taking a moment to reflect…and get some counseling for God’s sake!

  • Darlin1111 says:

    He’s NOT a “transgender”, he’s a TRANSVESTITE”, big difference…

  • Richard Stanley says:

    I hate it when people I can say that they’re a Christian and that they believe in God because if they did they wouldn’t be committing the Sins against the Lord. He must not have ever read his bible.

  • Snickers says:

    Ok, so WHY ARE YOU REFERRING TO THIS MAN AS “SHE AND HER” you asshole, your one of the reasons we’re where we’re at!!!!!
    THIS IS A MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN!!! so refer to THIS MAN AS A MAN, or don’t share your stupid reports here, because here, WE THE PEOPLE ” don’t play these stupid little games, and we certainly don’t see the world, under God, as you do, so nice on, seriously, move on.



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