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Dutch Government Sends In Military as Farmers Plan the Biggest Protest Yet After Gov. Closes 3,000 Farms

Thousands of farmers are expected to drive tractors to The Hague, Netherlands, on Saturday morning to oppose the government’s plan to shut down 3,000 farms. The government made the move to comply with global warming goals despite a heavy vehicle ban the day before.

It can be recalled that the Dutch government is planning to “buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to be in compliance with EU environmental rules” of the nitrate emission reduction plan.

Thousands of farmers and the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion will hold a rally in The Hague, Netherlands on Saturday, March 11.

According to Swedish journalist, Peter Imanuelsen, this will be the biggest demonstration yet.

According to Peter Imanuelsen, military vehicles are already arriving in the Netherlands in preparation for the farmers’ protest.

On Monday, the mayor of The Hague threatened to use military gear to stop rival climate and farmer protests.

NL Times reported:

Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague said he could indeed authorize the use of military equipment to remove blockades or tractors in his city on March 11. On that date, the upcoming Saturday, both climate activists and farmers are set to demonstrate in the Zuid-Holland city.

“I am not going to rule out the possibility that Defense equipment will be deployed. That is available if necessary,” he said in an interview with De Telegraaf. He has also asked police forces elsewhere in the country to provide officers to assist.

“We cannot handle this alone,” Van Zanen told De Telegraaf. “Also to ensure that the demonstrations are safe.”

Farmers’ organization Farmers Defense Force (FDF) hopes to attract 100,000 people for a demonstration in the Zuiderpark in The Hague next Saturday. Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion also plan to block the A12 motorway near The Hague again that day.

And at the same time, construction of tents for the the construction of tents for the City-Pier-City half-marathon race will also be underway. The annual race is scheduled for Sunday starting at the Malieveld.

Van Zanen says he will not consider banning any of the planned demonstrations for the time being. He called on those demonstrating to ensure that they can cherish a “great right.” That forces him to be “radically neutral.”

But there are limits, he said. “Blocking a road indefinitely with people or equipment is not an acceptable way of demonstrating, but a blockade,” he told the newspaper. “I think that’s a disruption of public order.”

  • Mark says:

    HELL YEA there won’t be a climate issue after everyone starves to death. I hope the Dutch people are armed because that’s what it’s going to take to put Global warming Horse shit down. but the NWO is using this to destroy the people of the world and make SLAVES out of everyone

  • JJ says:

    So, climate chaos (whatever they are calling it this week) is more important than eating!!! Priorities seem to be a bit askew!!! We already can’t feed the world’s population and the environmentalists are going to start pulling this crap???? I already have enough problems feeding my family because of the high food costs and now this???

  • WeSeaU says:

    So many fed boi agent provocateurs in these comments calling for violence. kys



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