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Durham Still Planning on Publishing Final Report

FNC’s David Spunt reports from Alexandria, Virginia where Igor Danchenko, the source of the 2016 Steele dossier alleging President Trump had ties to Russia, was found not guilty of lying to the FBI.

“This is special counsel John Durham’s second loss in a court of law,” Spunt reported. “We’re told Durham is still going to move forward with a narrative (something written), a full report for the public to be able to see, weaving this entire narrative, putting a bow on this more than three-year investigation. But right now we can tell you Igor Danchenko has been found not guilty on all four counts.”

“It appears the jury believed what the defense team had to say,” he reported. “The defense team did not even put on a defense, they not only didn’t call Danchenko [to testify], they didn’t even put on a defense. So when Durham and the government not was done last Friday, Danchenko’s team effectively said they were done too.”

“You have to wonder if this could be Durham’s swan song,” stated FNC’s Neil Cavuto.

“There was a lot that Durham wanted to bring into the trial that [the judge] would not let him bring in to this trial for evidentiary reasons and other reasons. I think John Durham, if you ask him, and I wish we could ask him… and see if he felt that he didn’t get a fair shake,” Spunt added.


  • Wes says:


  • RON says:

    ALL this time and money, and the big Hoopla over dirty FBI people, and it only takes a Liberal Judge to spoil it. This country is lost.

  • John says:

    Post it, we the people have a right to see what this deceptive Democrat communist pedophile N.W.O EURO TRASH PARTY OF U.N.& E.U. Antichrist are doing to our country & our people with our tax money. Our constitutional citizens are being attacked, harassed,sileneced,falsely incarcerated, & constitutionaly violated daily by this corrupted communist Democrat domestic terrorist 3 lettered Antichrist agencies,

  • Neil says:

    America you need to grow some balls and start arresting the true criminals in power

  • Tracy says:

    Someone tell me how with all this time and money so few are being prosecuted? Surely they didn’t cover their tracks that well. We know Hillary paid for it so where is her trial? Was it legal to do this even after President Trump was sitting as President?

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