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Doctors Diagnose Man with Monkeypox, HIV, and Covid in a Day

An Italian man was diagnosed with COVID-19, the human immunodeficiency virus, and monkeypox in one doctor’s visit.

This makes him the first patient to have contracted all three in a single day, according to the Journal of Infection. An August article in the journal cataloged the man’s symptoms and case without revealing his identity.

The patient had returned from Spain at the end of June and tested positive for COVID-19 first on July 2, eventually testing positive for all three viruses after he visited a hospital in Catania, Italy, with a rash on his body. He also had a rash in his perianal region, leading researchers to believe “that sexual intercourse could be the predominant way of transmission” when it comes to monkeypox.

Previously, it was not believed that monkeypox and COVID-19 infections could happen at the same time. Now, a key takeaway from the study is that flu-like symptoms should not exclude a monkeypox diagnosis.

This patient had, as recently as Sept. 2021, tested negative for all sexually transmitted infections. However, in 2019, he contracted syphilis, continuing to prove that monkeypox is often “diagnosed in subjects with a previous or concomitant sexually transmitted infection,” according to the article.

At the hospital, the patient received sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody therapy, with his COVID-19 symptoms improving the next day. His lesions improved within six days of hospitalization, so despite him continuing to test positive for COVID-19 and monkeypox, he was discharged to isolate at home. This also added to medical knowledge, proving that an oropharyngeal swab for monkeypox virus could be positive for several days after clinical remission.

As a result of his HIV status, the man will be placed on a combination antiretroviral therapy for the rest of his life.

  • Patty says:

    He is a walking Petri dish! He should NOT be let loose in the population to infect others! He will not inform his potential sexual partners that he has multiple std’s. He should be in a medical sanitarium, getting treatment, and quarantined. What are the doctors thinking, turning him loose? Guess they aren’t.

    • Tamirose170 says:

      It’s no longer a felony charge to have sex, being infected with HIV, and not notify your partner ahead of time. Our intelligent govt officials felt that was too harsh; so you can impose a life-altering disease, potentially fatal if not treated properly – to anyone you want without legal recourse from those you infect in the USA – infinite wisdom eh? That is how it is in the USA, not sure about Italy which is where this sounds like it happened; as the journalist is C grade at best. To say he “contracted all 3 in one day” – No you idiot, he tested positive for all 3 on one day=BIG difference! The entire article is poorly written – – I believe him to be in Italy; perhaps a Flight Attendant – – strange how History is repeating itself – tragic.

  • nana says:

    Bet he was vaxd

  • GymS says:

    Stuff happens when you perform anal on an obamavoter.



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