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‘Do the Biden!’: The Latest Dance Craze That’s Turning Heads for All the Wrong Reasons

A new dance trend has emerged that not only mocks but also painfully underscores the ineptitude and lack of leadership of Joe Biden.

Appearing at the D-Day 80th anniversary celebrations with French President Emmanuel Macron, Biden began hunching over awkwardly. Jill Biden and Brigitte Macron looked on in confusion as the 81-year-old continued embarrassing himself on the world stage.


This embarrassing episode has now sparked an unlikely trend on social media, leading to the creation of a new dance craze called “Do the Biden!”

The dance mimics Biden’s hunched posture during the incident by slightly bending the knees and tensing the body, as if on the verge of a bathroom emergency, all while looking confused.

President of Coalition Texas, Sarah Fields, wrote, “On one hand, it is funny. But on another, it is also incredibly sad that this is where we are. Our president is the victim of disabled elderly abuse.”


  • Willie Lee says:

    Biden is a victim of his own ego thinking that he should/could run the country. The dance is really more poking fun at the fact that the people who are actually running the country are using him as a puppet. People are frustrated at the perverted way the Dems. are ripping apart the country for their own evil purposes.

  • cj says:

    Every one around the world is laughing at us for being brain dead and electing pathetic people based on diversity instead of being qualified for these jobs .Sick and twisted and Jill should be charged with abuse . What does it say about the people who still stand behind him???????

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    Doing the biden? Is that the look a little kid gets when they have explosive diarrhea in their diaper?

  • James Abbott says:

    If he’s disabled, he should be running our country. Dr. Already said, he’s not fit to be tried for his crimes. If he was anyone else they’d have impeachment him already. He makes our country a joke.



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