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‘Disgusting’: AP Torn to Shreds for Dismissing Illegal Immigrant Murder Suspect in Laken Riley Killing

The Associated Press was obliterated online for a recent article that attempted to dismiss the illegal immigrant murder suspect in the brutal killing of Laken Hope Riley, and instead tried to blame toxic masculinity for the brutal slaying.

On Saturday, the AP published an article titled: “The killing of a nursing student out for a run highlights the fears of solo female athletes.”

The article did not acknowledge that Riley’s suspected killer was an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. Instead, the news site described Jose Antonio Ibarra as an “Athens resident.”

The writer, Janie Har, referenced the 2018 murder of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts – who was also murdered while jogging. Once again, Har did not mention that Tibbets was murdered by an illegal immigrant.

Instead, Har focused on “the dangers female runners face” and the “hypervigilance women must take when going out, even for a run on campus.”

The article cited a survey from the clothing company Adidas that found 92% of women reported “feeling concerned for their safety, with half [51%] afraid of being physically attacked, compared to 28% of men.”

The survey added, “Over a third (38%) of women have experienced physical or verbal harassment, and of these women over half have received unwanted attention (56%), sexist comments or unwanted sexual attention (55%), been honked at (53%), or followed (50%).”

The article stated, “But Callie Rennison, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Colorado who studies violence against women, wishes there was more emphasis on teaching men not to assault women rather than telling women what they should or should not do.”

The Associated Press article was torn to shreds by online commentators who bashed the piece as “disgusting” and “putrid propagandizing” for President Joe Biden.

Blaze News senior editor Daniel Horowitz: “This is the died suddenly Covid schtick now applied to the Venezuelan gang of invaders.”

ColumnistAdam Johnston: “What a garbage headline. Laken Riley was murdered by an illegal alien who was afforded refuge in a sanctuary city. That’s the story. The ONLY story. But journalism is nothing but regime propaganda and leftist narratives.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis senior analyst Christina Pushaw: “American Pravda strikes again. They’d rather stop women from running alone than stop illegal immigration.”

Writer Charles C. W. Cooke: “They can’t change because this is what they think their job is.”

Podcast host Monica Crowley: “This is disgusting, AP. The killing of Laken Riley had nothing to do with ‘the fears of solo female athletes.’ Her murder is the direct result of Biden’s wide open border that allowed in her illegal alien killer. Your putrid propagandizing for Biden & murderers is sickening.”

1776 Project PAC founder Ryan James Girdusky: “Yep…. The story of an illegal alien who broke into our country, committed a crime in one state, released back into the community because of sanctuary city laws, flees to another state where he rapes and murders a young woman is really just a story about solo female athletes.”

Florida state Representative Berny Jacques: “The corporate media will bend over backwards to avoid mentioning this was done by an illegal alien allowed in our country.”

Republican activist Scott Presler: “This young American girl was killed by an illegal alien. So, when we say that Americans are being replaced, we really mean it. Democrats are welcoming illegal aliens into the country. They welcome the lawlessness. Democrats do not care about us or they would secure the border.”

DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern: “Victim blaming, because the alleged murderer is an illegal alien.”

Columnist Derek Hunter: “It wasn’t the run that killed her, it was the illegal alien from a 3rd world country with a culture that views women as garbage to be used by men that Democrats in this country refused to keep out or deport that killed her. Own it.”

The “End Wokeness” account: “Illegal alien from Venezuela is described as an ‘Athens resident.’ The framing of the story is about toxic masculinity. No matter how much you think you hate the media, it is not enough.”

Writer Ian Miller: “It really is jaw-dropping how hard the media will work to avoid mentioning any aspect of a story that makes their political party or progressive ideology look bad.”

Author Rachel Bovard: “Running alone was not what killed her, you complete hacks.”

Writer Tom Bevan: “Just insane framing. The media never fails to disappoint.”

Ruth Peterson: “Look at the tweet & think about what it says. AP has no integrity. She was killed by someone here illegally and who was released after being apprehended at the border. How is this OK? And how can you consider any media outlet who reports on it like this as having credibility?”

Media critic Stephen L. Miller: “Pretty sure that’s not the lesson here.”

  • Jean says:

    Illegal violent career criminals are not referred to as Toxic Masculinity, then we need to deport each and every one of them to save USA from horrible men coming here to steal, assault, rape and murder women.

  • Me says:

    Yea but SORRY… Until I know this chick’s VOTING RECORDS, I reserve my sympathy for someone else.

    I mean imagine IF she WERE a RABID WOKE dying getting what she FOUGHT and VOTED for, who am I to pass judgments!

    Before MOUTHING OFF at me, show me her voting records. If you don’t have it, then BE QUIET!



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