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Did the Twitter Files Just Reveal an Impeachable Offense for Biden?

The latest installment of the Twitter Files dropped on Monday afternoon, this time showing how the federal government pressured the social media platform to censor information that was contradictory to the government narrative on COVID-19.

The new files show top doctors from the best medical schools in the country were censored.

But the government pressure on Twitter goes beyond attempting to push a single narrative. It’s a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

More specifically, President Joe Biden was “angry” Twitter wasn’t doing more to crack down on speech that was critical of his office and policies.

Biden’s directive to quash free speech critical of his policies is sparking calls for impeachment.

  • D says:

    How many acts are needed? The border alone should be enough to impeach the asshole.

  • Mee says:

    This would be one of many impeachable offenses done by Biden. Biden has committed treason over and over again. If any other President did this, their butt would be put to the curb. So why isn’t this Communist out on the curb?? Corruption is so huge that we can not get out someone destroying America on purpose to further their Communistic ways here in the USA? Still you have Democrats saying oh he is wonderful and so is the Democratic Party. They all have to be imbeciles not to see what is happening right before their eyes.

  • MsEmmaRose says:

    Seems like Biden believed he was King or that he was the all knowing of everything and demanded everyone do what he says, but one thing he did not count on was that many of us have many ways to get information and we are going to share it for all to review and express opinions. By censoring many authorities that were authority’s on virus and was getting information first hand from those that were doing their own research, they were correct and those of us that listened are way ahead of those that didn’t. Seems the president lied to the population. First of all this was an experimental injection. It was told that this would prevent spread, and prevent infection of which neither were true. Those that are dying today are dying due to receiving the injection and even though thousands have died as a result of these injections, no one will step up and bring it to the top of the food chain so to speak! But we the people are listening and are stepping up and if you are even thinking about putting this mRNA experimental process into our other childhood vaccines, you will find fewer and fewer parents will give them to their children. These are experimental and saying they are tested and safe, seems to differ from your inserts included in the vaccines! There are NO, ABSOLUTELY NO VACCINES THAT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! All vaccines have side effects and even the MMR is said to increase autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes which my grandson ended up with after his MMR. But what have you done to stop this? NOTHING! My grandson has to live with a debilitating disease for the rest of his life and there are many children out there the same!!! Biden you need to shut your mouth, stop this craziness, and apologize to the parents, children, and grandparents and all of the people you forced to take this vaccine that are “dying suddenly”.

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