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Diamond’s Cause of Death Finally Announced

The cause of death of Lynette Hardaway, “Diamond” of the pro-Trump activist duo “Diamond and Silk,” has now been published, according to a death certificate that has been obtained by the Associated Press.

The death certificate said that Hardaway, who was just 51, died of heart disease due to chronic high blood pressure.

In the wake of her death, many on the left spread the false claim that she had died of COVID and flooded the Twitter account of the duo with nasty comments, even though there had been no cause of death announced. Some of the reports were based on a false report in November that she had COVID, but Diamond herself had denied that. Leftist Bishop Talbert Swan made a particularly nasty attack. He claimed she died of COVID and the “irony was palpable.” Twitter Community Notes fact-checked him, saying there had been no cause of death announced at that point. Rochelle “Silk” Richardson threatened to sue him if the didn’t retract the claim and blew up at him attacking her sister.

COVID was not a cause or contributing factor. There was no autopsy but the death certificate was signed by a local doctor.

During the “Celebration of Life” event remembering Hardaway, Richardson described the horrible situation of her sister’s death, suddenly not being able to breathe and having to do CPR to try to help save her, stating:

“But what I want to say to everybody is don’t you dare call me a conspiracy theorist because I saw it happen. I saw how it happened. I was there when it happened. And it happened suddenly. I want America to wake up and pay attention. Something ain’t right. It’s time to investigate what’s really going on here and get some answers to why are people falling dead suddenly.”

President Donald Trump also spoke at the “Celebration of Life.” He explained how the world had “lost one of its brightest stars.” “We’ve lost one of our purest hearts and that’s for sure,” he said. He said it was important for people to support Silk. “Through the tears and the grief, let us celebrate this life because we know Diamond lived life like God intended,” he said. “Silk, we love you…Diamond, I love you.”

Silk said that Trump had told her to do whatever they wanted for the memorial service and she said he was paying for the cost.


    Covid might not have been a factor but I bet the Covid “Killer” vaccine was.

  • Pocahontas says:

    A LOT of people got the jab bcuz their Dr. PUSHED IT to them, especially if they were overweight and had high blood pressure, etc. If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member, THEY are ALL pushing it there! unreal! Feeling so sorry for Silk now. They were a DYNAMIC duo, and Diamond will be missed by us. And now, in SPITE of the Science against it, the FDA is PUSHING to make the jab an ‘annual’ jab, just like, or included IN, the annual Flu shot. If they DO this, don’t get it! It’s an evil plot.

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