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‘Devil’ Comet 3 Times Bigger Than Mount Everest Explodes, Now Heading Toward Earth

As if things didn’t seem apocalyptic enough already, scientists reported that a “horned” comet three times bigger than Mount Everest exploded and is hurtling toward Earth.

The blast originated on Oct. 5 from 12P/Pons-Brooks a cryovolcanic — or cold volcano — comet that measures a colossal 18.6 miles in diameter, or the size of a small city, Live Science reported.

For reference, Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth, is 29,029 feet high — or about 5.5 miles.

This marked the second time this interstellar ice cube erupted in the last four months, with the last celestial event occurring in July, the Science Times reported.

The British Astronomical Association, which is closely monitoring 12P, caught wise to this explosion after noticing that it appeared dozens of times brighter due to the light reflected by its coma — the cloud of gas surrounding its center.

For the uninitiated, such eruptions occur when a large level of gas and ice amasses and combusts like a frozen Coke can, causing the comet’s frosty insides to burst out of large cracks that form in the nucleus crust.

In this instance, the arctic blast caused the coma to sprout “horns” like some sort of intergalactic Beelzebub, as seen in accompanying photos.

Scientists also compared the satanic shape to the Millennium Falcon spaceship from “Star Wars,” Space Weather Archive reported.

The cause of the horns is unclear, however, experts believe that it could be caused by the shape of 12P’s nucleus — à la an interstellar pasta strainer.

“The two ‘horns’ may be caused by a peculiarly-shaped cryovolcanic vent with some sort of blockage causing material to be expelled with a weird flow pattern,” said Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association.

Despite 12P’s ominous trajectory and shape, there’s no need to brace for “Deep Impact” just yet.

The celestial hailstone — which orbits around the sun every 71 years — won’t reach its closest point to Earth until 2024, whereupon it will become visible to the naked eye.

This comet will then be catapulted back into the solar system, and won’t make its cosmic comeback tour until the year 2095.

This is 12P’s second explosion since July 20, when the interstellar snowball blew its stack for the first time in 69 years.

During this eruption, the horn-like emissions were 7,000 times wider than the comet itself.

The coma has since shrunk back to its regular size but could attract more interest next year if it continues to explode — which will likely be the case, per Space Weather Archive.

First discovered by Jean-Louis Pons on July 12, 1812, 12P is reportedly one of 20 known comets with active ice volcanoes, Miles claims.

Perhaps the most famous is 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, a volcanically active body that expelled approximately 1 million tons of cryomagma into space this past December, marking its largest eruption in 12 years.

  • vickie says:

    well, these are the last days….it has been for a long time….and as it was described like a woman in travail….towards the end the birth pangs come closer and closer…our pangs are as such…one thing after another…probably as evil runs this planet…

  • Trumpwon says:

    Have they tried to climate change spin this yet?

  • FedUp says:

    Just call it Wormwood

  • Art LaPella says:

    Clickbait alert: It isn’t “heading toward Earth”, unless heading somewhere near Earth counts as toward Earth. On June 2 it is expected to miss Earth by 144 million miles, further away than the Sun.

    And don’t wish for it to hit Obama or any other human. If it’s 18.6 miles in diameter, that’s about 30 times the believed volume of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. I wouldn’t expect survivors, anywhere. But once again, it isn’t coming here in June. Not even close. Where it goes in centuries to come could be a problem, but science then will likely be better than ours.

  • annj says:


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