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DeSantis Team Releases 2024 Teaser

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) team released a teaser video ahead of the expected launch of his 2024 presidential campaign.

The video, tweeted from DeSantis’s wife Casey’s Twitter account, includes narration describing America as being “worth the fight” and shows DeSantis walking onto a stage.

“They call it faith because in the face of darkness, you can see that brighter future, a faith that our best days lay ahead of us. But is it worth the fight? Do I have the courage? Is it worth the sacrifice? America has been worth it every single time,” the narration said.

The video then fades to black and shows a number to text for more information. When the number is texted, a message responds back saying, “Thank you for subscribing to receive texts from Ron DeSantis for President.”

The video was retweeted by DeSantis’s personal account and the DeSantis War Room, while Bryan Griffin, press secretary for DeSantis, quote tweeted the video saying, “Game on.”

Earlier on Tuesday, DeSantis’s website was wiped of everything and now only displays a black screen with an alligator, an animal native to Florida and commonly used by DeSantis’s team. The DeSantis War Room Twitter account posted this image with the caption “05.24.2023,” hinting at an announcement for Wednesday.

The video is the latest sign of the Florida governor’s looming presidential campaign, which will reportedly be announced on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday night. He is expected to launch his campaign with an event in his hometown of Dunedin, Florida, next week.

The Florida governor has been consistently placing second behind former President Donald Trump in GOP primary polling and is widely seen as the top rival to Trump.

  • Sniper7 says:

    Well Ron, I used to like you. If you just would have waited …

  • MereAnne says:

    No, thank you.

  • Me says:


    ZERO communication skill! And I’m not talking about personality yet!

    The Trump indictment no show a few months ago was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT… Today’s SNOOZEFEST just sealed the coffin lid

    Now the only thing I have left are prayers that DonnieDOTARD’s THIRST FOR VENGENCE burns hotter than DonnieDOTARD’S innate COWARDICE!

    If not, this country is FINISHED whether it’s going to be 8 years of PEDOJoe or 4 more years of DonnieDOTARD!

    May the Lord have mercy upon our country!

    PS: Reading from a piece of paper in a monotone voice with NO SOUL to deliver any message, let alone one of this magnitude, is such an INSULT to your listerners!

  • DeniseRS says:

    Sorry, I like you as my Governor but you are not Presidential material yet. Finish clean up Florida from swampy Cabal and stop hanging out with them. DeSantis is becoming a Paul Ryan 2.0 who will never be President.

    The original DeSantis which America loves please come back.

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