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DeSantis Signs Bill That Authorizes Release of Epstein Documents

On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that officially authorizes the release of documents from a 2006 grand jury investigation in Palm Beach County regarding the late Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assault of underage girls.

“Today I signed HB 117, authorizing the public release of grand jury documents like those in the Jeffrey Epstein case,” DeSantis wrote on the social media platform X. “Nobody should be above the law, regardless of wealth, status, or connections,” he said.

“The public deserves to know who participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation, and the survivors deserve justice.”

WPTV reported, “The bill will take effect July 1, although a South Florida circuit judge might release the transcripts sooner as part of a lawsuit filed by the Palm Beach Post.”

DeSantis held a news conference Thursday in Palm Beach, to coincide with the signing of HB 117, during which he stated, “they say that justice delayed is justice denied. And I think in many respects this whole ordeal has proven that to be true.”

He said the lack of access to the grand jury materials led to the investigation being “stymied.” DeSantis added, “There needs to be a mechanism in some of these rare circumstances where people can get the truth and where we can try to pursue justice.”

Addressing his audience at the news briefing, DeSantis said, “We are now sitting here, decades later, and you’ve had Epstein and then [Ghislaine] Maxwell is actually in prison in Florida and yet nothing else has ever happened with any of this.”

He continued, “How is that possible given the magnitude of what was going on? And what was going on in Florida was only a fraction of what was happening because you had activities and abuse in New York City, in the Virgin Islands, and this was a massive, massive operation here that was targeting these very, very young girls. And to not have justice on this is something that has been a big black spot on our justice system.”

Before he signed, DeSantis invited two of Epstein’s accusers, Haley Robson and Jena-Lisa Jones, to speak at the podium.

Both women thanked DeSantis.

“I can’t express the gratitude I have for this bill,” said Robson as she looked at DeSantis with tears welling up in her eyes. “I just am trying to put pieces together on the final pieces of this puzzle to help me move on and finally get the peace that I deserve for my life. And I am just so grateful. And I would just really just want to know, why was Jeffrey Epstein given such grace and mercy for his inhumane crimes and why were we so outed in the media and treated so poorly?”

DeSantis invited Jones to speak next. “We have been left in the dark for so long with no answers to what is going on and why things played out the way they did,” said Jones.

DeSantis then invited Robson, Jones and a third person to join him at the table where he signed HB 117 into law.

Epstein, a billionaire U.S. hedge fund manager, was arrested on July 6, 2019 on sex trafficking charges, which included minor girls as young as 14.

Less than one month later, on August 10, he was found hanging dead in his cell at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center while awaiting trial. Epstein was 66.

Although autopsy reports confirmed Epstein died by suicide, there had been much speculation as to whether his death was, in fact, a murder staged as suicide.

The cameras in Epstein’s cell were mysteriously shut off at the time of his death and his cellmate had been transferred out the day before he died.

Epstein, who was on suicide watch, did not receive a new cellmate.

In an interview with American media personality Tucker Carlson, which was released on Jan. 4, Epstein’s brother Mark also questioned whether Jeffrey died by suicide.

  • Aussie says:

    About time !

  • diane baker says:

    Why wait until July?

    • Scurvydog says:

      That allows time to destroy the documents, change the documents, redact the documents, and still prevent the world from seeing who the filhty rich pedophiles were that abused these young women!

  • Jim says:

    Even when the reports are made public I don’t believe they will be complete, to many influential people want to remain Silent, wealthy and alive to let the public know that they were involved in their sick acts. Everyone involved should serve life in Prison until they have well received the Taste of Prison life, the Humiliation from the Public and especially the victims… normally I would feel a public execution would best be served for them but realistically public Humiliation for their entire lives would be better served.. maybe even go as far as a Public viewing for the Victims and the general public to be reminded who they were. Their wealth combined should be split upon the victims with None going to the Govt. Since they as a Collective whole have failed them then and still to this day they continue to fail the victims only giving pieces of the findings in hopes of satisfaction and shifting them up…

    May ALL those involved from the past, Present and unfortunately Future Trafficking Crimes rot in FN Hell.

  • He was murdered, why do powerful people think the American people are that gullible?

  • Scurvydog says:

    Epstein was murdered by the guards who are the only ones with access to him. They were paid handsomely so that if they lost their jobs, they could still live comfortably. When the documents are released, there will be redactions to protect the filthy rich elite pedophiles who paid to abuse these young women. Satan protects his own until he is through using them. That’s why so many of his useful idiots live so long: George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Shumer,Schiff,Nadler, and the rest of the liberals driving the wedge of division that is causing the culture war, and ruining our country.



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