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DeSantis Responds to Biden’s Pettiness Over Hurricane Call

I reported earlier about some very petty action on the part of Joe Biden when it came to dealing with Hurricane Ian in Florida.

Biden and the White House made it very clear that he’d spoken personally with three of the mayors located in the area of that state that is likely to get hit the hardest by the hurricane. But despite making the time to speak to each of those mayors, he somehow couldn’t find the time to call Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — the guy in charge of the response in the state, the guy that you would normally call in such a situation. Not only did he avoid calling DeSantis, Biden even encouraged the mayors to call him directly. While he can certainly do that, it looked again like he was trying to end-run around DeSantis. When pressed by reporters, the FEMA Director and White House Press Secretary couldn’t answer as to why Biden hadn’t personally spoken to DeSantis.

I don’t get what was in Biden’s mind. Yes, he’s petty, but this was putting it on high display in a very juvenile way. That didn’t make him look good, and it certainly didn’t hurt DeSantis — if that was Biden’s intent.

DeSantis wasn’t letting the pettiness get to him. He was too busy dealing with the safety of the people, and he thanked FEMA on getting quick approval for the pre-landfall declaration. He said all the right things and showed he was the better man. He showed what true leadership is supposed to be.

“I’m happy to brief the President if he’s interested in hearing what we’re doing in Florida,” DeSantis declared. “You’ve got people’s lives at stake…no time for pettiness, we’ve gotta work together to make sure we’re doing the best job for them. So my phone line is open.”

But it looks like the fact that the reporters put the White House on the spot, that RedState and others nailed him for his pettiness, that someone must have said to Biden that he had to get off his duff, put aside his childishness, and call DeSantis–if he was going to pretend to act like a leader.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced Tuesday evening that Biden finally called DeSantis.

Now, how hard was that? But imagine: It took Biden three days to get around to it, because of whatever is going on with his ego. Whatever it was, he only hurt himself in the process.

  • Tracy says:

    I can see Biden now turning around and around looking to shake DeSantis hand then realizing it was a phone call he had to make. Guess Obama forgot to tell him to make it.

  • Institute Public Spanking now! says:

    It’s embarrassing for Americans to see that their “leaders” are equivalent to spoiled children squabbling in a school yard instead of respectable adults who take their responsiblities as leaders of the greatest nation on Earth seriously and with the dignity and respect appropriate to their position.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world laughs while America destroys itself from within without any need for involvement except to goad yet more childish behavior.

    Enough of this, “I don’t want it so you can’t have it” and “I can be a purple gorilla if I want to!” pettiness!!!

  • Michael says:

    If Joe doesn’t get a piece of the action, why waste the call.

  • W. Hamil says:

    Biden isn’t running anything – Obama and his cohorts are pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

    Yesterday Dementia Joe was talking to a Congresswoman who died back in August – these ongoing cognitive problems make him unfit to hold ANY public office, much less President!

    But NO Democrat or Republican will do anything because we’d be stuck with pathetic Kamala instead of Dementia Joe.

    Biden’s incompetence in front of the entire world, especially China, Iran and Russia, is putting this country in serious jeopardy.

    So we’re now waiting for the next disaster to happen that likely could’ve been prevented with a strong, capable President leading the country. When this disaster strikes, Democrat voters will be at fault for electing this buffoon in the first place.

    Stolen elections have consequences and our country is paying them now.



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