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DeSantis Asks the Media a Key Question About Their Coverage of the Maui Wildfires

It’s been weeks since the Maui wildfires killed over 100 people, making it the deadliest in over a century. Hundreds are still missing, with the damages totaling at least $6 billion.

The disaster has already sparked controversy over the response from state officials, some of which was so poor that it led to resignations among those in charge of the island’s disaster management. The alarm systems were never triggered. The electric company Hawaiian Electric had its trucks and personnel blocking escape routes. To cap it all off, Joe Biden opted to go on not one but two vacations during the blaze.

He arrived two weeks after the fires had destroyed whole communities. His attempts at empathy and compassion failed when he compared his little house fire some 15 years ago to what these survivors have been through; Biden’s house was never lost. After this disastrous trip, the media’s attention turned elsewhere, which was not lost on Gov. DeSantis, who’s been attacked by the press with more frequency recently, though the most outrageous came from Rolling Stone magazine.

DeSantis is coordinating rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. The governor took some time to shred the media’s “incurious” demeanor toward the disastrous response to the Maui wildfires and an insufficient and poorly received federal disaster package that pales compared to the billions in aid being shipped to Ukraine.

“It’s interesting how incurious our corporate media is about what happened in Maui. I don’t see them interviewing parents who can’t find their kids,” said DeSantis.

The man knows how to dunk on the liberal media, fully aware of their tactics and false narrative-building operations. He can easily tear apart most of the nonsense hurled at him, but that hasn’t translated into sustained support among GOP base voters regarding his 2024 candidacy. That doesn’t mean he can’t run again. Unlike Jeb Bush, should DeSantis fail to get the nomination this cycle, and it looks like that will be the case, he won’t be as bloodied as Jeb Bush or Scott Walker were after their failed 2016 bids.

  • Barbara C Walsh says:

    How I wish someone would have called this faux individual out. His kitchen fire that was out in 20 minutes, confined to the kitchen, was nowhere comparable to those that lost their homes, families, contents, and pets. He was never in the position of losing the faux “doctor” either. Everything is always about him! I’m really surprised that he didn’t trot out his dead son, Beau, and find a way to worm the story that he died in Iraq and came home in a flag draped coffin. He needs to be called out on that one as well. Stupid ass!

  • Scurvydog says:

    I think DeSantis is counting on Trump being convicted of a felony, and thereby disqualified to run. If that happens, he may be in a good position. That said, I still prefer that he not run this go round. He’s been a great governor for sure, and would likely be a good president, too.

  • Rick says:

    The media is part of the Democrat party. Why are people still acting, as if they were legitimate journalists, and news outlets?

  • Sicsam says:

    Biden is a pos and liar. Too old to do the job and brain done



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