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Democrats Move To Rewrite State Voting Laws After Midterm Wins

Democrats are moving to implement new voting laws at the state level following their midterm wins, according to The New York Times.

Democratic governors and state legislators have expressed plans to push automatic voter registration, voter pre-registration for minors, an expansion of early and absentee voting and criminalization of election misinformation, according to the NYT. The party retained most of its governors in the 2024 election and maintained its hold over several key state legislatures, creating a clear path to instating many of its favored voting policies.

Oregon became the first state to implement automatic voter registration in 2016 and subsequently became the state with the highest voter turnout, according to the NYT. Steve Simon, Minnesota’s Democratic secretary of state, said automatic voter registration for minors before their 18th birthday was one of his top priorities and believes the policy will put the state back in the running for highest voter turnout.

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is also considering automatic voter registration, according to the NYT. The state recently expanded voter drop boxes and creted an independent redistricting commission through ballot measures.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, is seeking to crack down on misleading information about ballot measures and voting dates, which she said could trick people out of voting, according to the NYT.

“The greatest threats to our democracy right now continue to be the intentional spread of misinformation and the threats and harassment of election officials that emerge from those efforts,” she said, according to the outlet. “We owe it to voters on all sides to ensure we are seeking accountability for anyone who would intentionally try to essentially block someone from voting through misinformation.”

  • k says:

    Democrats Move To Rewrite State Voting Laws After Midterm Wins~ “MOVE TO REWRITE”???

    The dems have been actively “REWRITING” the election laws since 2020 of recent for that almighty “NWO 1 PARTY RULE TO OUST OUT ANYONE THAT OPPOSES THEIR RULES W/ WIDESPREAD CORRUPTION FROM EVERY SEAT & BRANCH DEMS HOLD”!!!

    Look how “EVERY” election has been since 2020, lawsuits, convenient malfunctions, delays that have been dragging on well past a month etc…

    “WE THE PEOPLE nor AMERICA” have Nov. 4 as an election day where “EVERYONE” should produce I.D. & vote & get results w/24 hrs.; we get the latter version fraught w/ more questions than answers to how legit any of these elections really are…

    “WE THE PEOPLE” speak on behalf on how we vote & all “WE” get is more corruption, more lies, deceit etc…

    America needs Age Restrictions (65 yrs. MAX) across the board in every office & branch, that includes every agency that is working w/then the government.

    These “PUBLIC SERVANTS” that “WE” the people elect to office walk out as millionaires & their salaries needs to be “CAPPED” as well~ ($85k), 1week pd vacay, Gov. health care.

    Also, when “RECESS” commences, “NO” pay~ they aren’t working as well as “NO” retirement benefits from social security for presidents~ they are “GUARNATEED LIFETIME” payments & services including their spouse upon death…

    Time to get back to basics…

  • Anna says:

    Don’t let them pre-register voters with Driver’s license or mail in ballots only! OREGON HAS NOT HAD A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR SINCE THIS WAS IMPLEMENTED IN OUR STATE!

  • Michael A Heath says:

    These old hoebags need to stop lying to their constituents and voters in their respective states ! We know they are doing it, and we know the money must be good, but this can not spoil our “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”, not democracy ! Democracy is pure COMUNIISM and those with proper educations would know this, even if they were trying to convince the world and others this wasn’t so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael A Heath says:

    Mortisha Whitmer sounds more appropriate, don’t you think ? She looks just like a Adam’s family character, for sure !!!

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