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Democrat City Has Started Its Own Efforts in Shipping Illegal Migrants to Liberal Cities

The Democrat city of El Paso, Texas has sent far more illegal migrants to New York City than Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) has, to showcase the crisis at the border.

El Paso has bussed nearly 9,000 illegal immigrants to liberal cities such as Chicago and New York City.

7,000 migrants were sent to Manhattan while about 1,800 migrants were bussed to Chicago since August.

According to Reuters, El Paso’s leaders claim

they have coordinated with northern cities and the immigrants are voluntarily traveling, adding that being in contact with the destinations is key.

“If there’s not coordination, you’re dropping penniless people who don’t speak the language in an unknown city and saying, ‘Fend for yourself,'” Theresa Cardinal Brown, a managing director with the Bipartisan Policy Center said.

Abbott has bussed about 3,000 illegal migrants to New York City and more than 900 to Chicago.

Abbott has received backlash from media outlets and Democrat leaders, calling it a “humanitarian crisis,” however the Democrat cities only seemed to have a problem with illegal migrants when they began showing up on their doorsteps.

Before that, they claimed they would welcome the migrants with open arms.

As part of a nationwide effort to bring awareness to the mess President Joe Biden’s open border policies have created, several Republican leaders have joined in the action to transport illegal migrants from border states to Washington D.C., even dropping them off at Vice President Kamala Harris’ front door.

State leaders such as Abbott and Gov. Doug Ducey (R-Ariz) vow to not stop sending migrants who illegally enter the U.S. to liberal-run cities until Biden decided to finally take action and stop the chaos.

  • ConcernedGrammy says:

    Or these Republican governors could abide by our US Constitution and close their borders. Yes, it IS that simple. The big lie is that the feds control our borders. This is a LIE. If you doubt this, please study up on the 10th Amendment. Abbott could’ve stopped this invasion as soon as it started. But he didn’t…why??

  • CAVARLYMAN says:


    Impose fiscal restraint, Limit the power and jurisdiction, and Impose term limits on federal employees.

    Can you support these goals to fix this and so many other national problems?

    It will take an army of patriots.

    COS NOW! before it’s too late.

  • Jenny says:

    So it’s Finally hit Dems in the face, and the result is just whats needed. Once They see it, it cannot be unseen. time is Coming Stand our Ground against these interlopers

  • IDAMACS says:


    “If there’s not coordination, you’re dropping penniless people who don’t speak the language in an unknown city and saying, ‘Fend for yourself,’” Theresa Cardinal Brown, a managing director with the Bipartisan Policy Center said.”

    Is this Brown lady dumb enough that she doesn’t understand those same immigrants are penniless and are arriving at unknown cities along the border and they can’t speak the language??

    This is just a way to destroy America. Our economy cannot handle 18,000+ illegal immigrants coming into the country every day.

  • Lou Galmarini says:

    We need to start taking care of business the way it’s supposed to be taken care of – one foot onto U.S. soil – you DROP THEM WHERE THEY STAND – DONE! Instead of hearing non-stop stories of a ‘land of milk and honey’, with everything given to them, let them start hearing about what happens to someone when they attempt to gain access to the U.S. ILLEGALLY…YOU DIE! You wouldn’t even need a wall!



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