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Democrat Arrested and Charged with 5 Felonies for Threatening to Kill Rep. Lauren Boebert

A Florida man has been arrested and charged with five felonies for threatening to kill Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Matthew Comiskey, a self-described “lib,” was arrested in Palm Beach on Friday over the tweeted threats.

Tweets to the congresswoman included “don’t come to Florida. Us libs have big guns here and we stand our ground. Take you down like Trayvon,” and “if I ever saw Lauren I’d be glad to take her out and go to prison. Would be job well done.”


Comiskey tweeted in September, “Don’t worry Lauren, someone is coming soon to show your face the 2nd amendment in practice with a copper jacket. Enjoy.” Other tweets included saying that she should be “put down.”

“Someone needs to put Lauren down like a sick dog,” he said, according to the indictment. “She is a true waste of life. Someone exercise their 2nd amendment right to her face!”

According to a report from Mediaite, Comiskey’s bond was set at $50,000 on Friday and he is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday.

  • Rita says:

    Wait a liberal likes guns? I thought they were just into killing fetuses.

  • Dee says:

    We all know how this will end. No one will go to prison and mainstream media won’t report on it.

  • John says:

    Another weak retard urine-soaked socialist leftist liberal probably doesn’t even know how to use the gun but hopefully we’ll be shot dead when he tries to attack another Republican by a conservative law-abiding Second Amendment exercising citizen

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