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Dem Demands $25/Hour Minimum Wage, How Much She Paid Staff Exposes Her as Fraud

A former Democratic politician and activist has taken to Twitter calling for a higher minimum wage, but it has since been revealed that she is not willing to put her money where her mouth is, literally.

Nina Turner is a progressive Democrat and a former state Senator from Ohio. Last year, she lost to a more moderate Democrat in the primary for Ohio’s 11th congressional district.

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to promote one of the progressive left’s central talking points, raising the minimum wage to $25.

However, one Twitter user showed the disconnect between Turner’s words and her actions, pointing out that Turner only paid her campaign canvassers $15 an hour — instead of the $25 that she is demanding others pay for.

It seems to be yet another case of “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

In response to this, Turner said that the $25 minimum wage should be implemented “over time,” not immediately, thinking that this would save her from embarrassment.

However, several Twitter users responded to this comment by saying that no one is stopping her from paying her campaign staff $25 an hour even if the minimum wage is not there yet.

While it is true that campaign canvassers are not usually paid, if Turner is advocating for a $25 minimum wage, she should be willing to offer that to her campaign staff if she plans on paying them.

Other Twitter users pointed out that an increased minimum wage eventually leads to higher prices, fewer jobs and an overall lower standard of living.

This is something that Turner and other progressive Democrats fail to take into consideration. A higher minimum wage will mean higher labor costs, causing employers to cut jobs. Ironically, this hurts the very unskilled and less experienced workers that Democrats claim this measure would help as they then have to compete for limited jobs with skilled workers.

In addition, studies have shown that when the minimum wage is increased, prices rise in order for employers to recuperate the losses from an increased wage.

It almost seems as if people like Nina Turner are aware of the strain that an increase in the minimum wage puts on businesses and the negative consequences of this legislation, but they are still pushing it for ideological reasons.

Clearly, Democrats can talk the talk, but they never seem to be able to walk the walk.

  • Leslie says:

    Because there are no bigger hypocrites than democrats! Then they always try to backpedal or mince words whenever it’s thrown in their faces. “Over time”? That is not what she said nor what she meant & she is counting on people to be stupid and uneducated so they won’t see right through her. Liberals are self-proclaimed geniuses.

    • Somebody says:

      Majority of them are low educated and dumber than a box of rocks and could not pass a drug test even if they applied for a job to support themselves.

  • Wtf says:

    Well I don’t eat at Mc’Ds so pay the 40 year old man-child with a bun who lives in his mom’s basement $25 an hour.

  • Confuscious Say says:

    Surprise Surprise another far left Democrat lies through their teeth with a straight face and then justifies their hypocrisy by doubling down…why are we constantly surprised by this? Wake up America..wait can I still use the term, “American, America”…I admit I didn’t get Stanford University’s permission my bad! LOL

  • Somebody says:

    Just another person of color doing her begging as always, wanting more and more and they do not deserve what they already receive from the Democrats. A nice Christmas present would to be cut off all welfare and freebies except for the elderly and the handicapped. The rest can go to work or starve.

  • Slim says:

    Every Democommunist is a fraud.



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