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“Decolonize” Puerto Rico: Dems Push to Give Territory Option of Statehood, Independence

House Democrats on Thursday will call up legislation aimed at ending Puerto Rico’s status as a U.S. territory and giving Puerto Rican voters a say in whether the island becomes a U.S. state, an independent country or some other form of non-territory status.

Democrats prepared the Puerto Rico Status Act in the House Rules Committee Wednesday night, allowing for debate and a vote on the bill on the House floor Thursday with just days left before they give up control of the House to Republicans. The bill is the result of negotiations that took place this year among lawmakers of Puerto Rican descent and others, but the sudden push to take such swift action related to a U.S. territory shocked Republicans.

“I do have to say, with only a few legislative days left in this Congress, no path forward in the Senate, I’m not sure why this matter warrants an emergency meeting of the Rules Committee when so many outstanding issues remain,” Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, said Wednesday night.

Democrats have cast the bill as an “offer” from Congress to give Puerto Ricans a say in their political status, one that is needed to ensure the “decolonization” of the island.

“We have an opportunity here to deal with the colonial legacy — a legacy that should not be part of the governance of this nation of ours — and the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico deserve to have the same democratic principles that we believe in and swear to,” the bill’s sponsor, Democrat Raul Grijalva of Arizona, said in July.

The legislation authorizes a federally sponsored plebiscite for the island, and gives Puerto Rico the choice of independence, statehood, and sovereignty in free association with the United States. It would fund voter education efforts in the lead-up to the vote and includes details on how Puerto Rico would transition to its new status.

Republicans argued Wednesday night that the bill essentially funds Puerto Rico’s sovereignty or statehood without demanding anything in return, such as payment of taxes. They also said the bill only went through the House Natural Resources Committee and that several other committees should have a say on something as important as a revised political status.

House passage of the bill today will send it to the Senate, but as Republicans point out, it’s not clear there is the time or support for the bill there. Democrats would need to find at least 10 Republican votes to pass it at a time when Congress is focused on avoiding a partial government shutdown and funding the government before the Christmas break.

  • Just me says:

    PR is like a boat anchor on the backs of the tax payers. They provide NOTHING to this country but always have their hand out. They don’t pay taxes but have a lot of gimme, gimme, gimme and we got the likes of AOC from them which is not a ringing endorsement for the island. Cut them loose and let them self govern. They are more corrupt than the demoncrats, if that is even possible.

  • Joey says:

    I’m laughing so hard at the constant blindness of over half this country!! Incredibly sad tho! Boy! Isn’t it convenient and timely!! Like it’s some big surprise right?! Mmmmm which do you suppose they’ll choose when Soros is sending $$$$ !!! The trouble is? With the number of RINOS now, demoncrats in disguise, it’ll go through. We haven’t won anything. The House? Laughable. Watch. The 2024 election won’t happen either. They’ll release the next virus, stronger virus, before then. Implement martial law and have the UN forces come in. OR/AND Putin’s EMP trigger finger is itchy as he’s getting pretty po’d that Hiden Biden keeps sending help to Ukraine. What not many know is Putin has over 100,000 troops on the borders waiting for his word to annihilate the country. Us? Nothing than a silly EMP won’t fix! Or the continuous bombarding from hackers. We’re back into the 1800’s in less than a day and absolutely NO military backup. Shoot, since the natural gas on the east coast is all going to Europe, New England’s power will already be out. Hard to say which direction Putin would go. He could nuke us, but we have time to retaliate. That’s why the EMP works much better for him. Still gets us out of the way, but doesn’t have to worry about getting nuked himself. WWWIII is on our doorstep. Pessimism? Unfortunately Truth. We’re in for serious suffering folks I hate to say. I hope everyone has prepared or are working on it.

  • Darlene says:

    I firmly believe that God has this whole mess covered.
    He will stop the madness and it will happen soon.
    There has been an outcry from the people for years. Prayers continuously going up about this country and it’s leaders.
    He has heard our prayers, He knows our nation is under major stress.
    If you have never given your heart to Jesus and asked Him to be your Lord and Savior, now may be the time.
    Don’t wait any longer.
    Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
    Pray for our nation and her people.

  • Grandpa says:

    Just another Democrat plan for the destruction of the US.

  • En Flagrante Delicto says:

    Statehood does NOT equate to independence. Statehood is the ultimate form of colonization.

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