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DC Superhero Actor Makes Bold Statement About Pfizer… Is Cancellation Next?

When it comes to Hollywood actors in 2023, there is a certain level of career self-preservation (read: silence) that appears to take place when it comes to anything remotely controversial.

For every actor like Neal McDonough, whose deep Catholic beliefs prevent him from even filming a kissing scene, you’ll have five actors, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who avoid controversy like the plague.

Interestingly, another major player for DC (Johnson has previously played the role of “Black Adam” for DC, though that appears to be over now following Warner Bros. restructuring) seems to have no qualms about wading knee-deep into breathtaking controversy.

And boy, did “Shazam!” lead actor Zachary Levi ever wade knee-deep into … something.

As you’ve surely heard by now, Pfizer, the multi-multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate, has not had a good start to 2023.

In January alone, Pfizer has had its inner workings exposed not once, but twice.

The first exposé of Pfizer occurred as part of the illuminating “Twitter Files” that have been periodically released since Elon Musk took over. That incident revealed that Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer board member, had taken actions to suppress any form of debate over COVID vaccines.

The second, more recent incident, involved self-identified Pfizer Research and Development Strategic Operations Director Jordan Walker, who was busted on camera by Project Veritas admitting that Pfizer has been mutating the coronavirus. While it’s not abundantly clear that Walker is who he says he is, Pfizer never denied that he was an employee when they responded to that incident.

But back to Levi, it would be incredibly easy for him, or anyone else that works in the media or entertainment industry, to simply … not talk about Pfizer and whatever shenanigans the company is engaged with.

But that’s not what Levi did.

No, the actor did the exact opposite, in fact. Levi directly took a shot at Pfizer.

Responding to entrepreneur Lyndon Wood, Levi had a succinct, but powerful, response to the question: “Do you agree or not, that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?”

Levi didn’t just agree with that assessment. He “hardcore” agreed:

Incredibly, Levi didn’t immediately walk back his comments (a minor miracle given the sequel movie “Shazam!: Fury of the Gods” releases in March.) In fact, he actually doubled down on his remarks:

It didn’t take long before the vultures swooped in on Levi.

Notoriously left-leaning BuzzFeed immediately called Levi’s remarks “anti-vax,” despite him not saying a word about Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Comments responding to Levi’s tweet were somehow even worse.

“Okay, one less movie ticket to spend money on. Stupid,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Here I was, actually kind of excited for your movie. But nah. I’m not supporting you now,” another Twitter user wrote.

“RIP you stunted imbecile,” yet another Twitter user wrote.

As of this writing, neither DC nor its parent company of Warner Bros. Discovery have commented on Levi’s remarks.

But given that their much-anticipated Shazam sequel movie is less than two months from release, you can safely assume that that it’ll only be a matter of when, not if, that the cancel culture mob comes for Levi.

  • TarnishedCopper says:

    If all of the negativity associated with these vaccines is not true, then why don’t these companies come clean , open their doors to the media and explain themselves so that it can be verified this stuff works and doesn’t kill people? They choose instead to stifle any discussion. The days of Hollywood and its outrageous prices to go to a cinema and pay to sit beside someone talking and listening to their cell phone ringing are over.

  • Auntie Vyris says:

    Zachary Levi, if he sticks by his righteous comments, is a real human. You might even say, a real man.

    But IF he bends the knee and “clarifies” or apologizes, then he will be a blot on the pro-freedom, pro-bodily autonomy movement. Stick to your true belief, and I think you’re better looking than that guy from “The Office”.

  • Dark Pharma says:

    Clot shot problems everywhere. Myocarditis side effects and many more. Sounds like a whole shit load of big pharma bout to take a serious hit. HIT THEM HARD AND FAST. KEEP THE PRESSURE SO HOT ON THEM THEY BREAK AND FLEE THE COUNTRY FOR FEAR OF EXECUTIONS…LMAO… Wow how could anybody not live in fear of vigilante juctice?

  • Pfizer is a great danger to the world compare them to ig farben chemical cartel back in World War I up through World War II see the book “Treason’s Peace German Dyes American Dupes” by Howard W Ambruster!

  • American says:

    Pfizer’s ceo is Not telling the truth about this really bad vaccine but I didn’t hear about it from this young man this was one of Pfizer’s own that said this vaccine was bad and he also said it was all about the Money they could soak out of the public their bottom line is more profit they don’t care who it kills and that is the young their expendable! Wake up you idiots Pfizer knows their vaccine is no good the same goes for Moderna and Johnson they just don’t care about the people!



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