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Dan Bongino Tells Us What He Really Thinks of Bill O’Reilly (Warning on Language)

During his No Spin News program, Bill O’Reilly labeled conservative radio host Dan Bongino as a “fanatic” for his comments about members of the Democratic Party accepting non-citizens as voters in the upcoming election. After seeing his reaction, it’s fair to say Bongino did not appreciate the criticism.

On his daily Rumble show Thursday, Bongino went after the former cable news host, saying he didn’t care who he offended in the process.

“I’m not here to make friends. I was never here to make friends,” Bongino said before lobbing a series of expletives at the former Fox News host.

“I’m sorry. If you don’t like language, you gotta tune out of today’s show … It’s something I’ve warned you about the entire time. The show is not for everyone. I’m not here for the money. I don’t need the money, ok? I’m here because I want to change the direction of the country and I think we have a good path to do it.

“But I’m not here to make friends with anybody. I’m not. I’m not,” Bongino reiterated.

“I love you guys — the audience — but I don’t give a s— about anyone in this conservative ecosystem that’s faking the funk in order to steal your money and time.”


Bongino claimed that O’Reilly has “constantly” attempted to appear as a guest on his nationally syndicated radio show in an effort to discuss his popular non-fiction book series. In his more than 12-minute long takedown for the longtime host, Dan Bongino continually called Bill O’Reilly names like “chump” and other assorted expletives Barrett News Media is unable to print.

“If you’re listening to this guy, you’re being played,” Bongino concluded. “If you’re listening to this guy, you’re wasting your time. He’s not one of you. You have no idea. There a lot more. And if anyone else wants to go, you tell me, too. ‘Cause you’re next.”

  • Mike says:

    I cannot stand oreilly! Arrogant dick head. He explained one day on his podcast why he left Fox and NEVER mentioned the fact he was womanizining and sexually assaulting FOX women. He never mentioned he had to settle with Grethen and others because of his preditore ways! Good job Dan! You got balls kid! Most others are afraid of this constant promoting Ahole. Half is podcast is an infomercial!

  • Dave says:

    I love it brother! You sound just like me because I get railed at for not having a filter. At 71 I’m not going to be changing anytime soon. Fuck Bill O’Reilly he’s getting what he deserves. Karma’s a bitch Billy Boy.

  • Randie says:

    Dan is great, I listen to him all the time. Bill I have also listened to for years. I don’t agree with Dan or Bill all the time. I do appreciate hearing different people speak and Bill’s books with Martin are great reads. I’ve learned many things that I did not know about History.



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