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Dan Bongino Has 2 Theories About Biden’s Classified Documents

Though it’s blown up into a major scandal, there’s still a lot of unknown surrounding Joe Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents after his vice presidency.

How did the documents get there? Why are they just being “found” at what seems like the most politically opportune time?

Dan Bongino recently appeared on Fox and Friends and offered two theories, and neither of them looks good.


To start, Bongino suggests this could be a “sabotage hit job” against Biden by Democrats who want to force him out of the 2024 race. Though the president hasn’t declared yet, he and his cohorts have made it pretty clear he’s going to run for reelection.

Was this a sabotage hit job by Democrats who want Joe Biden out of the race? Which is likely. Or was this an effort to cover up mistakes Joe Biden made that may be illegal, unlawful, and illicit? Just quickly on the first one, you don’t find it a little bit suspicious that lawyers deeply connected to Barack Obama, who’s got a long going feud with Biden, they do, I worked in the White House, these two men not really do not like each other. Obama always thought Biden was a buffoon and Biden was always jealous of Obama. That’s why he’s doing the whole and “I’m the new FDR” thing now. He is a cancer on the coming presidential race…

Bongino doesn’t seem to be suggesting that Biden didn’t illegally take and keep classified documents but rather that the discovery of those documents was made in a convenient fashion. In other words, they weren’t planted, but they also never would have been “found” had the aforementioned Obama-connected lawyers not been involved.

That leads to the question of timing. Obviously, Biden didn’t have lawyers help with the move into his office at the Penn Biden Center. Why was he suddenly employing lawyers to search through things while vacating the property? And why was he vacating the property in the first place? Certainly, it would seem beneficial for Democrats to have Biden hung out to dry in early 2023 before he announces a reelection bid.

Bongino then continued with his second theory, which is that something bigger is going on in regard to criminal liability Biden may be facing.

A couple of clues here. Number one, why was the leak of the second tranche of documents made to Ken Dilanian? Ken Dilanian from NBC has a nickname, Fusion Ken, because he was a mouthpiece for fusion GPS and the Democrats. Nobody finds it odd that the guy who almost single-handedly promoted the pee-pee hoax for NBC got the leak about the papers? It says to me there may be something bigger, and they needed to massage the story and leak it out slowly.

Couple more things though, notice the appointment letters, right? The appointment letters for Special Counsel Hur in the Biden case and Jack Smith in the Trump case. Special counsel Hur in the Biden case has a very limited scope of duty, while Jack Smith in the Trump case gets to rock and roll and find out everything. My suspicion here is that they did that to isolate and silo off Joe Biden from Hunter Biden and that investigation, and never cross those streams. One are those theories is true. I’m just not sure which.

The moment that Ken Dilanian is involved in anything, it’s prudent to ask what is really going on under the surface. He served as a revolving door for the FBI and DOJ during the Trump years, constantly leaking out-of-context information in an attempt to harm the former president. Him receiving the news about the second tranche of documents might suggest that the same sources are in play, and that would point toward something more than just Biden’s lawyers happening upon some documents.

Did the powers that be actually want a special counsel appointed in this case? Both to stop the House GOP from investigating Biden (now the DOJ can refuse to cooperate because of an “ongoing investigation”) and to position a friendly face as special counsel to handle future revelations that would have otherwise proved damaging?

I don’t know. I feel like that’s a bit in the weeds, but I wouldn’t put anything past the Biden administration. I also wouldn’t doubt that Democrats are taking advantage of this situation knowing that they can’t allow Biden to be the 2024 nominee. What I doubt is that these documents were just randomly “found” by a lawyer who otherwise had no reason to be looking for them.

  • The Count says:

    I’m wondering WHY the ‘National Archives’ wasn’t bugging VP Biden about these Classified Docs LONG AGO (it’s BEEN 6 yrs since Biden left his VP office that these Docs were from…), like they DID to President Trump after just a few Months!!! Why didn’t the Nat’l Archives MISS THEM – OR did they just assume (ahem) that Pres. BO had them, so didn’t bother HIM about it. This ALL just PROVES the disparate ‘treatment’ by our ‘Govt.’ (deep state…) between Dems and Repubs. As usual, NONE of this makes any real sense. Especially the part about ‘he shouldn’t have EVER had them to begin with!’ as only a VP. But the diff. between ‘Repubs who have Classified Docs.’ and Dems who have Classified Docs.’ IN THE MEDIA is extremely AMAZING for anyone paying ANY attention!!! Repubs should be criminally indicted out of hand (regardless of the Fact that it is the President ONLY who has the Power to Declassify any Doc he wants…) while Biden is just ‘excused’ without knowing anything except ‘he SAYS he takes Classified Docs very seriously, he didn’t know he had them, he doesn’t really understand anything about ‘Classified Docs’, and he doesn’t know how they got there.’ OMG. Why aren’t they treating ‘Classified Docs’ the same for both Parties??? I smell a Rat. Again.

    • ThePeopleArePissed says:

      @The Count – The left run National Archives didn’t “bug Biden” for the same reason they’ve never gone after Obama for those thousands of pages he personally was going to have transcribed…which of course have never been turned over.

  • Jim says:

    I believe it is a out for when the house Rep investigate. Simple i can not answer white a ongoing investigation ,

  • southersgolfer says:

    Like Clinton and Bush, we do not need another Obama in the White House. You can Kiss America good by if that happens especially if what demssuck said about Newsom being the VP. Ya, great choice. I think their would have to be a massive vote theft for that to happen but I would put nothing past these scumbag Dems. Obama along with Biden need to be dragged off to GITMO.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The majority of the Democrats in Congress, and almost all top ‘officials’ in ALL of the intelligence communities ARE TRAITORS AND DESERVE NOTHING LESS THAN A BULLET IN THE HEAD. DO IT!

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