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Cringe ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad Slammed as an Insult to Christianity

He Gets Us just launched a new Super Bowl ad depicting Christians washing the feet of “diverse” individuals, including a woman at an abortion clinic, an alcoholic, an environmental activist, an undocumented immigrant, a participant resembling a Black Lives Matter protester, a gay man, and more.

The ad, which appears to celebrate wokeness, was roundly criticized by members of the Christian faith on X, with many pointing out that the message of Jesus’ love was being used to promote a left-wing agenda.

“A white person washing feet at an abortion clinic, funded by Christians This is what infiltration of Western Christianity looks like” Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec tweeted.

“Who paid for your airtime?” Singer Five Times August asked.

“Whoever made this ad asked AI to be as woke and insulting as possible to Christians and this is the result” very online X poster Ian Mile Cheong quipped.

He Gets Us is well known for spending hundreds of millions on splashy ads promoting “tolerance” while using left-wing imagery.

“Many of those who represent Jesus have made people in the LGBTQ+ community feel judged and excluded. And others in the Jesus community have simply ignored their stories and lived experiences” the He Gets Us website proclaims.

He Gets Us also spreads the message that “Jesus was a refugee.”

“He Gets Us is a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort that kicked off in March 2022 and will run through 2025. It aims to ‘generate support and opportunities to share the confounding love of the Jesus of the Bible,'” Bill McKendry, an ad exec attached to He Gets Us told Campaign Live in 2023.

The source of the hundreds of millions of dollars remains unclear.

According to the He Gets Us website:

“A newly formed nonprofit organization, Come Near, is now fully managing He Gets Us initiatives. Come Near has a growing, expert-led staff and dedicated network of partners and supporters. The movement is not funded by or affiliated with any single individual, political position, church, or faith denomination. We have a coalition of supporters who represent a variety of lived experiences that have led them to wildly different perspectives on many things.

Some are on opposite sides of different political and social issues in our day. But they share this one thing in common: They’ve been inspired and transformed by the story of Jesus and want to invite you to explore it, too. They are troubled by how many people feel excluded from considering the personal relevance of Jesus’ example, life, and mission for their own lives. And so, they’re supporting a movement dedicated to helping foster more and better conversations about Jesus.”

  • Scott says:

    I let GOD deal with these folks since He is a lot better at getting the message thru to these philistines.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    “The movement is not funded by or affiliated with any single individual, political position, church, or faith denomination”.

    Really? then list who’s underwriting a multi-million-dollar program for 3 years. Please don’t list ‘supporters’ who are not supporters, just members. List those who are actually financing the effort…we’ll wait.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    The Bible teaches ‘love the person, denounce the sin’, (read: lifestyle, acts, words, etc.). It doesn’t matter who they are. Through the years, I’ve had friends remove their offspring from the house because of their lifestyle. 50 years later – nothing’s changed, so they’re STILL not allowed in the house. SO BE IT! You don’t have to homogenize your morals, ethics, or philosophies for ANYONE.



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