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Criminalize ‘Misinformation’, Preregister Minors: Democrats Propose New Election Laws

Democrats are ready to “go on the offensive” to implement a long list of voting and election law proposals including criminalizing “misinformation,” preregistering minors before they turn 18, automatic voter registries, and more, according to the New York Times.

With midterm results less than astonishing for either party, Democrats are looking to shore up elections in key battleground states, especially after winning the legislatures in Michigan and Minnesota.

“The greatest threats to our democracy right now continue to be the intentional spread of misinformation and the threats and harassment of election officials that emerge from those efforts,” said Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Benson would like to see new penalties for those who engage in spreading “misinformation” despite the obvious question of deciding who determines the validity of such a charge. Examples given were fliers or mail information with the incorrect date for an election or deceptive petitions. Benson said her proposals would defeat any claims of First Amendment violations.

“We owe it to voters on all sides to ensure we are seeking accountability for anyone who would intentionally try to essentially block someone from voting through misinformation,” she continued.

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says his top priority will be pre-registering teens to vote before they turn 18. He believes such proposals will launch them toward the top of the list in terms of voter turnout, should it be passed.

“We will likely, it looks, be third, but we’re on the medal stand,” said Simon.

Simon’s plan to preregister 16- and 17-year-olds before they are legal is in stride with other Democrat plans to implement automatic voter registries. The idea is that all persons who are eligible to vote would have their information taken from other government entities such as a department of motor vehicles or a social services program, and the state would then use that information to automatically register that person to vote.

Twenty states have automatic voter rolls currently, including Oregon, which had the highest percentage of voter turnout in the country for the 2022 midterms. Voters would have to opt out of their registration to be taken off the list.

Democrats are calling certain changes by Republicans to voting laws “restrictive,” such as Ohio’s voter ID requirements and drop-box restrictions.

Democrat Josh Shapiro, governor-elect of Pennsylvania, says he is willing to meet in the middle in terms of voter identifications however.

“I’m certainly willing to have an honest conversation about voter ID, as long as that is something that is not used as a hindrance to voting,” Shapiro said, while remarking that he would not “negotiate with people who are engaged in conspiracy theories and spewing nonsense about 2020.”

Gerrymandering also tops Democrats’ list of possible election fraudulence by Republicans in states such as Wisconsin and North Carolina.

  • Jim says:

    Paper ballots.
    Voter ID
    Inked Finger
    National day of voting.


  • EZ says:

    I Propose a New Election Law, Democrats not allowed on the roles….

  • RIP says:

    Always wondered why the dipocraps are always painted as Lilly white angles who NEVER did anything wrong, deceitful or treasonous, and it’s ok for them to murder babies and blasphemy is worshipped, yet they paint Republican’s as wrong thinking deceitful complainers all guilty of treason who should be banned from voting . Couldn’t possibly be that the dims are demons controled by satins right hand man George Soros!

  • @ says:

    Outlaw all voting machines per Amy Klobachar (sp), Senator in MN, Paper ballots made out of the same paper our money is made of, vote Amish, voter ID, monitored hand count by camera, precincts s/b no more than 1000 people, votes counted by 10PM, ballots only when necessary, no mail in ballots, ,on ballots, Eric (voter poll books registration) needs to be defunded and clean up voter roles.

    I suggest that anyone opposed to these ideas wants voter fraud.

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