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Criminal Investigation Into Operation Underground Railroad, Tim Ballard Closed

It has been revealed that the Davis County district attorney’s office closed its investigation into Operation Underground Railroad in March. DA Troy Rawlings found no evidence that the anti-human trafficking organization had engaged in “communications fraud, witness tampering and retaliation against a witness, victim or informant,” as was alleged.

Not long after, founder and now-former CEO Tim Ballard resigned amid a separate internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to the Deseret News, the DA’s investigation into Operation Underground Railroad officially ended on March 28, 2023, around two and a half years after it was first publicly confirmed.

Rawlings made his decision after he and his office reviewed financial audits, information provided by law enforcement, and details about the organization’s work.

“In sum, the Davis County Attorney’s Office does not believe that the decision to pursue charges against O.U.R. or any individuals associated with O.U.R. is prudent,” he wrote in a declination.

On June 22, Ballard quietly stepped down from his position as CEO, and cut all ties with the organization he founded. At the time, it was unclear what led to his abrupt departure, however, the aforementioned internal investigation was eventually brought to light.

On Monday, VICE News reported that Operation Underground Railroad confirmed Ballard “permanently separated” from the organization due to allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by at least seven women, which were corroborated in an anonymous letter that had been circulating in Utah’s philanthropic community over the past several months.

“OUR is dedicated to combatting sexual abuse, and does not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination by anyone in its organization,” a statement to VICE News read.

“OUR retained an independent law firm to conduct a comprehensive investigation of all relevant allegations, and OUR continues to assess and improve the governance of the organization and protocols for its operations.”

The organization stated that it would not make any further public comments on the matter.

The women alleged that while on undercover missions, Ballard asked them to act as his “wife,” which included sharing a bed and showering together, among other things.

Ballard, a married father of nine whose work inspired the box office hit Sound of Freedom, has denied all the allegations.

“As with all of the assaults on my character and integrity over many years, the latest tabloid-driven sexual allegations are false,” he said in a statement. “They are baseless inventions designed to destroy me and the movement we have built to end the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable children.”

“During my time at OUR, I designed strict guidelines for myself and our operators in the field. Sexual contact was prohibited, and I led by example. Given our meticulous attention to this issue, any suggestion of inappropriate sexual contact is categorically false.”

  • Robin says:

    “OUR is dedicated to combatting sexual abuse, and does not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination by anyone in its organization,” a statement to VICE News read. = SOROS OWNED VICE MEDIA

    • Coco says:

      VICE is a propaganda arm of the socialist Democratic Party. Spreading these lies is part of their plan so don’t believe this tripe.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Consider the Source – PRE-pandemic worth nearly 6 Billion, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a few months back. From the Internet: “To the outside world, Vice Media was the ultimate news stop for droves of millennial readers. Once valued at $5.7 billion, it would seem incomprehensible that the company would go broke, but in fact, Vice has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Fortress Investment Group and Soros Fund Management, are in line to acquire the company in a risky move — purchasing the assets of a struggling company for a whopping $225 million —and taking on liabilities, according to a New York federal court filing.” Right out of the mouth and opinion of George Soros and Friends. No doubt he paid women to step forward to state those things because nowadays Media finds people GUILTY before their data in court right when Disney couldn’t hold onto the FILM “Sound of Freedom”, about Child Trafficking that Disney had on their shelf for years refusing to give up the rights. So I wonder how they got it, before Soros got it when he bought up “VICE” lock stock & barrel. Doesn’t matter – IF Soros is involved – – that’s all we need to know. I trust Ballard!!!

  • Pat says:

    Why do they go after anyone who speaks out against the horrible trafficking of children. One would think that someone who is working for the children would be applauded not demonised.

    Now they are going after Musk who also supported anti child trafficking under the guise of alleging other crimes. Is it because he is calling for the release of the Epstein client lists?

    • Sue ds says:

      Well it seems the democrats like human trafficking. They are evil.

    • Fuckthedemonratts!! says:

      Because they are involved in child trafficking. These evil bastards are all sick

    • Juanita says:

      They go after the ones rescuing the children because they are child traffickers. The elite use the children for adrenochrome, satanic worship, and sex. They make money off of them and don’t want people to stick their noses in their business. That is why they are doing this.
      Same with Elon. They go after those who are a threat to them.

    • Longhaul says:

      I’m watching intently for the accusations ‘THEY’ fabricate against Mel Gibson, Denzil Washington & Aston Kutcher for their outspoken remarks on child sex trafficking. Anyone who speaks out against this evil & raises awareness to the corruption of World governments is a target.

  • Patrick Borush says:

    got the PV Okief treatment by the sounds of it, leveled continued accusations at him from all angles and when nothing from the outside stuck they got to some insiders/private parties to make spurious ruinous in his community accusations/claims on top of being already “under investigation”, of course confirmed by some dubious antonymous letter of course

  • Teresa says:

    I stand with Tim Ballard. These satanic evil bastards always target people who are honing in on their nefarious doings. I saw “Sound of Freedom”…incredible movie that the “regular” media would not touch. They had to go through a private movie group to get it released because Disney turned it down. Disney is heavily involved in child trafficking! Their children’s movies are full of subliminal messaging to young minds. It’s disgusting and I use to love Disney. Once you see it…you can’t unsee it.



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