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Covid Retrospective Series — Media: The Unvaccinated Are Scum

For many people, the COVID pandemic is already starting to fade from memory and life has returned to normal. For some of us, however, it’s not so easy to forget the misery so many of our elected officials and even our own community brought into our lives. Neighbor turned on neighbor, family members became estranged, friendships were ruined. Why?

Two issues became the focal point of so many divisions: masks and mRNA vaccines. For many, it did not take a medical degree to quickly come to the conclusion that intermittent use of masks were marginally effective at best. All you had to do was watch people for a minute—not only did the majority wear them incorrectly, but they also were constantly touching their faces and moving the mask aside for periods of time.

The true idiocy of the craze became apparent when health authorities announced that we could go back to restaurants, but had to wear masks as we entered. However, they assured us, the danger would magically disappear when we were seated and food was served. Yeah, that makes sense. Not.

Masks were simply virtue-signaling talismans.

But vaccines took the polarization to an entirely new level. Entire swaths of citizens were deemed enemies of the country by our own president, and many thought that those who did not want to get the shots were simply stupid or evil or both. This is in spite of the fact that it quickly became apparent to any rational mind that the mRNA jabs weren’t working to stop transmission or infection. By the summer of 2021, I already knew multiple people who had gotten vaccinated only to come down with the virus soon after. And yet the zealots continued to shun science, ignore the evidence, and shame non-believers.

If you’ve forgotten just how vicious many lamestream media reporters and Democrat politicians became, here’s a refresher. You might think, oh, that’s old news, I don’t want to think about it. But we can never forget, and we must never let it happen again.


Morning Joe co-anchor Mika Brzezinski, who as one of my co-workers put it, looks like an HOA Karen, starts off the action. “You are the unvaccinated. You are the problem. The unvaccinated are the problem—period, end of story,” she says. Not very tolerant or inclusive, are you Mika?

Don Lemon, MSNBC’s Jonathan Capeheart, frequent pundit Dr. Leana Wen, unfunnyman Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Howard Stern, Joy Reid, Neil Cavuto, and Jimmy Kimmell all pile on, calling the unvaccinated “lunatics” who are “not to be trusted,” who are “killing people,” and who should be denied hospital beds. It’s truly sick stuff.

“We’ve been patient,” said Joe Biden. “But our patience is running thin.” That sure as heck sounds like an outright threat that he will use the full force of the government of the United States government against anyone who dares defy his will. “This is not about freedom or personal choice,” he added. Yes, it was about exactly those two things Joe.

“Screw your freedom,” said actor and alleged Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in a staggering display of anti-American rhetoric.

Alex Berenson, novelist, journalist, and critic of the response to the virus writes on his Substack:

I am not exaggerating when I say seeing the video made me stomach sick…

They were afraid of us, and they hated us.

The oddest part of all is that so many of them still do. It was their god that failed.

But we’re the ones they blame.

The viciousness and self-righteousness displayed by so many “leaders” during the pandemic will go down as one of the darker periods in American history. It would be bad enough if they were right—but they were wrong, and it was they who ignored the science. Trust them again at your peril.

  • Joe Santella says:

    I was fired from my job in New York after 18 years with the company for failure to take the vaccine. I know I made the right choice because I will be alive to talk about it while they are all having myocardial issues and I say drop like flies I use my own brains. I never listen to the media when they’re piling on their bullshit propaganda to me.

    • Democrat Tyranny says:

      Smart move’ unlike the millions who were tricked out of being naive! The fallout is showing worse each day. Dems dont care. Insurance policies are being collected by them from the dead. Why would they care? They get rich from it.

  • God Bless America says:

    Mice in a maze. It was a test, an experiment, so they know what to do and not to do next time

  • Wapitihunter says:

    I wore mask but when I saw what was required to wear I knew it was a joke. I am an EMT-B,D. I am also a certified Firefighter, Certified in all Rescue, and a Hazmat Technician. I know what BSI really means, it was a total joke. I would go to the grocery store and see illegals withthe mask aroun their chin. Many elderly had to remove them because they were struggling to breathe anyway. I had already learned that the flu vacine gave me the flu. I said F this. Then the illegal Prez Criminal telling me I had to? FUCK Joe. ANd how long before started dieing from it and they haven’t stopped. They have uncovered the truth that it does kill. And we are supposed to trust our Government? HAHAHA

  • Michael says:

    Remember when Fraudci said that we had to wear masks in public places, but it was still safe to sleep around. Huh? So close intimate contact is less dangerous that running to Walmart. What an idiot!

  • JJ says:

    Some people will get Covid regardless of how many precautions they take and some will never get Covid regardless of how reckless they are!! You media types like to bunch everyone into one category but it isn’t proper!!! I am now more concerned with these radical left media people who are basically threatening others for their beliefs, again!!!! They have no right to bash anyone when they have been lax in other things that they have reported on or neglected to report on. I am disappointed in people like this since Dr. Fauci is the expert who came on tv several times a day changing his mind about what was real and what wasn’t!!!!



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