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Couple Has ‘Range Anxiety’ as Electric Vehicle Requires 12 Charging Stops

A couple took their electric vehicle on a road trip from Michigan to Florida and said they experienced “range anxiety” the entire way.

Bill and Joann Muller drove 1,500 miles from Michigan to Florida in a Kia EV6.

“We were constantly thinking about where to charge next,” Joann Muller explained for Axios. “It occupied our minds more than where to eat or spend the night.”

Muller said they stopped 12 times to charge, with each time lasting between 20 minutes and 55 minutes and ultimately adding anywhere from four to 11 hours to their trip.

The couple also avoided using in-cabin heat, despite winter temperatures outside, to help preserve the EV’s battery.

“A Kia engineer told us that the cold would put extra stress on the battery, draining it faster than normal,” Muller’s husband Bill said. “So I used only the heated steering wheel and heated seats while driving — no cabin heat.”

In reflecting on the trip, the couple said they learned one major lesson: “Know where your next charging stop is before you leave, and make sure to have extra range upon arrival in case that charger is inoperable.”

A recent study revealed that drops in the price of gasoline have given drivers of gas-powered cars a cost advantage over EV owners.

  • USmisterT says:

    Seems to me the best solution for the immediate future will be hybrids with plug in capability as well. The hybrid feature give you an alternative to always finding a charging station.

    As more electrical generating power plants come on line and there are more charging stations that may be fine for long trips.

    I think an alternative for EV pickups is to have a gas motor generator set in the back and appropriate cables to hook yourself up and charger your own batteries and maybe your neighbors EV.

  • robert says:

    next time take the bus.look with clear vision the lessons learned from this particular situation. it is with great gratitude you should release any and all anger and angst, knowing it is for your higher and highest good and honor the journey and allow in the peace of knowing the devine is always with you even in your most ignorant moments.

  • MIke Welch says:


  • Earthgirl says:

    Once the government forces enough people to get electric vehicles they will encounter supply issues like they did in California last summer. Whether by design or ignorance they will be able to restrict our mobility in the name of global warming and climate change.



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