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Country Star Calls Out Taylor Swift Over Toby Keith

Country music star John Rich called on pop star Taylor Swift to say something publicly about the Monday death of country music legend Toby Keith, whose work as a music executive helped launch her career.

As of Wednesday morning, the 34-year-old had not issued any public statements about Keith’s death following a three-year battle against stomach cancer at the age of 62.

Rich took to his page on social media platform X to call Swift out.

Tagging the pop singer, Rich asked, “When is @taylorswift13 going to share some words about Toby Keith?”

He continued, “The man who discovered her, got her the 1st record deal? Taylor, where are you today?”

Rich also shared a clip from 2005 in which a then-15-year-old Swift dished to Nashville’s WSMV-TV about Keith’s presence in her life after his label Big Machine Records inked her to a deal while she was a high school student in Tennessee.

“You’re in the room with him and you can feel it,” she told the network after Keith’s then-new label gave her a contract.


“There’s a power there and you’re just like, ‘Oh my God.’ So I don’t think I’ll ever get to a point where I won’t see him and be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Toby Keith,’” Swift added in her first-ever television appearance.

The full WSMV segment remains on the station’s YouTube page and went viral on Tuesday:

Rich’s call for Swift to publicly acknowledge Keith’s death was met with mixed reactions:

Swift remained with Big Machine Records for years after her first contract, riding it to international superstardom before she ultimately left country music behind.

The pop sensation has 280 million followers on Instagram and 95 million followers on X.

Her last posts on both platforms came Monday when she promoted her upcoming album after she took home her 13th Grammy Sunday night.

  • Rick says:

    Don’t expect integrity from a leftist.

  • Don S says:

    That selfish, self centered, egotistical snob, isn’t going to give credit to anybody for any reason. She is a textbook example of what a Narcissist is. She only does good to others if she is sure it is going to up her publicity in the media. Like the bonuses she gave her road crew, the presents for a needy fan stunt, why were these “acts of kindness” so reported on in such detail. I think this woman has a personality coach. Telling her how to act with people. She was the only one dancing at the grammys while another singer was singing her song. She was told to so the media would point it out and claim she is such a good sport and supportive. On the other hand she owned that place, she has more money than anyone else that was there that night and she could do whatever the heck she wanted too. Who was going to object?

  • Donna says:




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