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Councilman Resigns Over Video Showing Him and His Boyfriend Urinating on Door of Gay Bar in California

A member of a city council in California resigned his post after a video showed him and his boyfriend urinating on the door of a gay bar and getting into an altercation with a worker.

Jeremy Lucido, the manager of the Precinct bar on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, told KABC-TV that he didn’t know the man he confronted was an elected official when he posted video on the bar’s Instagram account to shame him.

Some of the commenters identified the man as Chris Kilpatrick of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

“The comments just grew very fast with different stories, other parties and party hosts, and bar managers, like ‘oh yeah, we know them’,” Lucido added.

Lucido said that he confronted the two men after he noticed that they had brought their cocktails outside of the bar after it closed on March 9.

“I was walking to my car on the sidewalk, noticed two guys, drunk with their full cocktails,” Lucido explained. “I recognized the glasses from our bar so I knew they (had been) inside. I told them, ‘Whatsup! You can’t have your drinks out here,’ and I went to grab one of the cups and the tall dude pushed just me and I flew back.”

Kilpatrick initially defended his actions through a statement by his attorney that claimed the worker didn’t identify himself as an employee of the bar and that Kilpatrick had feared being the victim of anti-gay bashing. The attorney also pointed out that public urination was not a criminal offense in Los Angeles.

A statement from the city council made it clear that the accused behavior was not fitting for any member.

“The Crescenta Valley Town Council is aware of the social media posts concerning allegations about the conduct of a member and is actively gathering the facts surrounding the incidents,” the statement read. “If the incidents are found to be true, such conduct is not fitting for a member of our Council.”

Harry Leon, the president of the town council, said that he had scheduled a special session in order to address the issue but that Kilpatrick offered his resignation before they could meet. The rest of the council accepted the resignation.

“While we do not condone any of the behavior we observed on social media, we appreciate his 3 years of commitment and dedication to the community while serving on the council,” said Leon.

KTLA-TV reported that the case is still under investigation.

Here’s more about his resignation:


  • Dorothy says:

    What a disgusting act for even a Democratic Politician. You made it look bad for all gays. Get out of office because you do not even act human.

  • Sweetie says:

    Categorizing actions of two people in any group and saying that everyone is like that is like saying: “All white people drive while drunk” or “All brown people go to rooster fights” or “All doctors overcharge for their services” or “All auto mechanics smell” or “All plumbers display reverse cleavage.” Any saying about all people in one group being a particular way is a lie. Stop it before people look down on you for telling whoppers and being a bigot.

  • John sweet says:

    That public urination is not illegal says it all and is just part of the reason California is such a vast toilet bowl as we can see from their history of placing democratic socialist in charge of their government they got what they vote for a bunch of perverts and place them in charge this ruined a once great state! We can not let it spread to other states in the Union enforcement of practical laws that are in place to protect public health and safety are there for a reason but California seems to welcome violations of the laws of the land instead of public safety and security.

  • tressa says:

    knew that California state turned into a dog run! Gay men pissing on anything like the dogs they are!
    NO CLASS !!!!

  • Me says:

    PUBLIC URINATION was NOT a CRIMINAL offense in LA should have been the article’s title!



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