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‘Couldn’t Resist’: Biden Wanders Off Stage After Spotting Baby in Crowd at Campaign Event

President Biden wandered off stage at an Arizona campaign event after he was distracted by a young baby their young mom.

The president, 81, made a beeline for the youngster while his campaign manager introduced him at a Mexican diner in Phoenix on Tuesday.

‘Well folks, I have to tell you straight up… I like you all, but I couldn’t resist that baby,’ he told the audience, which appeared to be only a few dozen people.

While that infant appeared happy to come face to face with the commander-in-chief, another youngster was seen holding her hands to her ears during Biden’s remarks at a separate event on Tuesday in Reno, Nevada, on Tuesday.

The event in the battleground state was intended to help Biden’s floundering poll numbers with Hispanic voters, who backed him in 2020 but have moved to Donald Trump in recent surveys.

Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez had been addressing the crowd for around a minute before Biden became distracted by the child.

He pulled a face at the baby before meandering off the stage, drawing laughs from onlookers as Chavez Rodriguez continued her remarks.

The 81-year-old talked up the child and their mother and reportedly asked ‘how old’ the infant was, while repeatedly pulling faces at the crowd and appearing to try make the child laugh.

Biden’s remarks at the Mexican restaurant come as his 2024 re-election campaign begins ramping up across the nation, as he took an opening shot against likely election opponent Trump.

‘He only cares about the wealthy,’ Biden said at the event.

The president will look to turn around his slumping poll numbers among Hispanic voters if he is to once-again defeat Donald Trump.

In 2020, Biden won 65 percent of Hispanic voters, but recent polls show his Republican challenger has taken a slim lead with less than eight months until the election.

In February, a New York Times/ Siena College Poll found that Biden was six points behind Trump among Hispanics at 40 percent to 46 percent.

The month prior also saw Trump beat Biden among Hispanics by 39 percent to 34 percent in a USA Today/ Suffolk University Poll.

His antics with the baby before his speech comes after a number of other eyebrow-raising exchanges with youngsters, including a bizarre interaction during a tip to Finland last year.

Biden approached a mom and baby daughter as he prepared to board Air Force One, leaning into the young girl and making a gobbling motion.

When the infant scowled at him and turned away, the president nibbled her shoulder and appeared to try and smell her head.

In Virginia in 2021, Biden came under scrutiny after making ‘creepy’ remarks about a young girl while giving a speech at a military base.

Then-78, Biden went off-script to point out an ‘elementary school-aged’ girl, saying: ‘I love those barrettes in your hair, man.

‘I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.’

And again in October 2022, he appeared to grab a young girl by her shoulders while giving an address in California, before offering her some dating advice.

‘Now, a very important thing I told me daughters and granddaughters – no serious guys until you’re 30!’ he told the bemused teen, as he leaned in for a selfie.

  • Frustrated says:

    If I was a young mom with a small child, I would not let that SOB pedophile near my child. No sniffing up my little one you creep. Go away, get lost and remove yourself from my presence, Oh, wait, I wouldn’t be near the SOB in the first place. Ain’t going to waste my time on that pedophile.

  • vickie says:

    he is just an old guy who has dementia…..yes he has dementia…what kind i dont know there are many kinds people….my mother had alzheimers…we think …they wouldnt do an MRI on her brain…they didnt want to spend the money on it….she had 3 insurances…and they still wouldnt do it…but he does and had it before he was elected to office…i saw it because i know what its like as my mother had it….i kept saying surely this isnt real…this is a joke or something…but no ..the left put a man in office who they knew wasnt well….in this case i feel that the dems perpetated a fraud on the rest of us…and put us in danger….he was their front man and who was minding the roost….i wold like to know…

  • andrewp05 says:

    he is a pedo that probably hasn’t gone as far as he wants to , but you can see he can’t control his urges. He finds any excuse to get too close and touch these young girls.

  • cj says:

    Would you let a stranger touch your child in public?Why would you let this creepy old man touch you or your kid ?Stupid ass [people in this world so hell bent on getting free ride in life they use their kids for votes.He is creepy as hell and old as hell and you dumb ass people want him back ??????

  • Me says:

    He’s intended to SNIFF the moma’s hair… Hispanic women like to put coconut oil on their hair… PEDOJoe’s favorite ice cream is Coconut flavored!



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