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Costco Customers Enraged After Chain Offers New Deal Americans Can’t Have, Rivaling $1.50 Hot Dog

An American food staple has been added to the menu at Costco’s food court — though not in the United States.

An image of a Canadian Costco food court menu shared on Reddit on May 21 has customers upset that a particular food item isn’t being sold in the States.

That item — listed as “Chicken Strips and Fries” — costs Canadian Costco-goers $6.99 CAD (which would convert to about $5.10 in the States).

Updated Canadian Food Court menu
byu/thermal7 inCostco

“Why the hell doesn’t Costco USA have french fries or chicken strips?!?! I would kill for that!!” one Reddit user wrote.

“Wait … you guys in the US don’t even have fries ???” another commented.

“Instead of the chicken strips and fries, we have the turkey sandwich and f-ing chicken bake?” another wrote.

The inclusion of the chicken strip basket isn’t the only feature unique to the Canadian Costco menu.

The widely beloved $1.50 hot dog deal — the premiere staple of the Costco food court — is also available in Canada for $1.50 — except in Canada that $1.50 is in Canadian dollars.

That converts to roughly $1.09 in U.S. dollars, showing that Canadian customers benefit from quite a discount on the meal compared to their U.S. counterparts.

The social media discussion over the Canadian menu soon spread beyond just Reddit.

The discussion also made its way over to X, where demands and wishes for U.S. Costcos to adopt the menu item were numerous as well.

“I think adding chicken fingers & fries to the @Costco #FoodCourt in U.S. locations is long overdue. ⁦@costcocanada⁩ has had this for years. The kiosks have lessened the required labor to do this,” one X user posted.

Several commenters speculated that the reason U.S. Costcos do not have chicken strips or french fries has to do with fire code restrictions against deep fryers in warehouse-style buildings.

“I’m more jealous of the poutine than the chicken strips,” another wrote. Poutine, which originated in rural Quebec, consists of french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

U.S. Costco-goers do at least have one item all to themselves.

According to the New York Post, the chain recently began selling a $6.99 turkey sandwich, which is “not available at Canadian locations.”

  • DAve says:

    The things people get upset over these days has hit new ridiculous heights.

  • See more says:

    Who cares about Costco little cheap menu picks. You have to pay 60 dollars a year to even shop there. Not my go to place.

  • Paul Smith says:

    People gotta have their junk food.

  • Quasimojo says:

    Definitely a justifiable reason to riot, burn, ban & boycott. OMG! What egregious universal crime against humanity will they callously perpetuate next? Never underestimate the intent of evil doers lol.

  • Mario says:

    Dying for French Fry’s and deep fried chicken strips, well you just might get your wish, ‍♂️
    I find gas station hotdogs to be of the quality. That’s just me of course.



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