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Cop Car Smashed, Arrest Made in New York — Bridge Blocked in Memphis as Tyre Nichols Riots Rage On

Protests erupted in midtown Manhattan Friday night after the release of body cam and surveillance footage from Memphis showing the beating of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police officers. Earlier in the day, Antifa had vowed to “burn it down” in response to the footage. At least one rioter was arrested.

The windshield of an NYPD car was smashed in Times Square, reporter NJEG media.

President Biden had called for “peaceful protest.” FBI Director Christopher Wray said he was appalled by the footage, which the Memphis PD released in four parts.


This was in response to the graphic footage of the altercation police had with Nichols on January 7, which led to his death in hospital care three days later on January 10.

This after protestors climbed on top of the vehicle and smashed it.

This stemmed from a protest that kicked off in Times Square.

“Say his name, Tyre Nichols!” The protestors chanted, carrying matching signs that “The people demand end police terror,” and a banner reading “stop the war on black America.”

There was a large police presence.

At least one arrest was made.

Freedom News reported that there was a stand off on West 42nd Street and 10th Ave.

Protests in Memphis were also fierce, with activsts blocking the way of trucks and traffic which were then unable to pass. In Memphis, as in New York, the “racism” of the police was called out by marchers, but the officers, like Nichols, were all black. Five officers are facing charges as a result of Nichols’ death.

A bridge was shut down in Memphis.

A truck driver tried to convince protestors to let him and his cargo through, but they denied him that right to do his work and move freely.

In Memphis, however, Jorge Ventura reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight that police could not be seen in the area of the protests.

  • Lorac says:

    The idiots that riot and destroy property are no better than the police that killed Tyre. It’s stupid dangerous and they are hurting innocent people who had nothing to do with the incident. They should all be jailed for terrorism.

  • D says:

    What is BLM so upset about? All of the police were black! It was not White on black, it was black on black.

  • Pablo says:

    Hahahahaha! had to laugh: the Justice for Tyre Nichols Protest!! Come on call it what it is; The Tyre Nichols Rape, Murder and Steal Memorial Service!



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