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Conservatve ‘The Blaze’ Host Steve Deace Hospitalized

Steve Deace is a conservative Blaze TV show host, movie producer, and best-selling author whose tagline is “Serving up principled conservatism daily with a snarky twist.”

Steve Deace, who has long been battling against societal ills, was fighting a severe infection Monday when his wife Amy tweeted asking for prayer for her husband’s condition, saying he was suffering and at the hospital:

“This is Amy. We’re in the emergency room, and Steve is not doing well. He tried to do the show today with this infection, but it’s getting worse. We’d appreciate your prayers.”

Outside of a few expected rude leftist comments, there was an outpouring of concern for Steve and the Deace family, with “praying for Steve” trending on Twitter.

During the early morning hours, Amy said they could go home soon, adding that the hospital staff took good care of him and they were thankful for “felt” prayers.

His wife Amy provided an update Tuesday morning, saying she was exhausted and sharing what she had posted on another social media platform.

“Amy again. We are home. He is highly medicated and sleeping comfortably after a long, rough night. I appreciate all the prayers we received tonight. They were felt and held me together. I will let him tell you what he wants to tell you tomorrow when he wakes up, but just so you know what I experienced. I brought my husband of twenty-six years to the emergency room in more pain than I’ve ever seen him. He was babbling and not making any sense. He was completely out of it. I have never seen him like that, and it was very, very scary to see someone that’s usually in complete control not able to function. Friends came and prayed over him, which I will be forever grateful for, and then there was all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Deace’s latest project has been working as the executive producer on a new movie scheduled to open in theaters on April 14. The film is called Nefarious and is about a serial killer who claims he is a demon. Early Monday morning, before his trip to the ER, Steve tweeted a promo for the upcoming movie. He encouraged fans to hit the theaters for the opening weekend.

  • Michael f Scully says:

    God Bless, we need you here on this plain

  • Continuing prayers for the Deace family!

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