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Conservatives React to Tucker Carlson’s Fox Departure

The political world was shaken Monday after Fox News announced it had parted ways with prime time host Tucker Carlson, and some conservatives are now speculating on his future — whether that be a run for political office or a launch of his own network.

“FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” an April 24 press release from Fox reads, thanking Carlson for his work at the network throughout the years.

“Mr. Carlson’s last program was Friday April 21st. Fox News Tonight will air live at 8 PM/ET starting this evening as an interim show helmed by rotating FOX News personalities until a new host is named,” the brief statement continued.

Fox News alum Megyn Kelly was among the first to publicly comment on Carlson’s departure.

“Good for Tucker. Trust me, he doesn’t need them,” she said:

Christian Ziegler, chair of the Republican Party of Florida, suggested that Carlson launch his own network “immediately,” deeming him the “single most important and effective voice in news.”

“Let the pro-Freedom Champions rally and join him on the network,” he added:

“Confirmed: Tucker Carlson out at Fox News. OMG,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote:

“The best decision I ever made was leaving Fox,” former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake remarked. “Good for you, @TuckerCarlson. You’re free & uncensored!”:

Charlie Kirk noted that the left’s celebrations may be a bit premature.

“The left is celebrating because they think that Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News eliminates his voice. Wrong,” he warned:

Eric Trump openly pondered what is going on internally at Fox News, given the string of recent departures.

“First it was @LaraLeaTrump, then @dbongino now @TuckerCarlson… What is happening to Fox?” he asked:

Host Glenn Beck predicted that this move will “KILL Fox” and already invited him to join The Blaze:

The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing also addressed inquiries on if Carlson is joining Daily Wire.

“A lot of people are asking if @TuckerCarlson is coming to @realDailyWire. I suspect Tucker already has a plan, but we’d break out the big novelty checkbook for him if he doesn’t,” he wrote:

“Wherever Tucker Carlson goes, America will follow! Thank you for being one of the greatest and most powerful voices in the conservative movement,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said, expressing excitement to see what is to come:

“I am positively shocked regarding Tucker Carlson,” Candace Owens said. “Greatest talent at Fox News:”

James Golden, also known as the late Rush Limbaugh’s right hand man “Bo Snerdly,” predicted that Carlson “will have more offers to chose [sic] from than any other media personality in recent history” in the next 24 hours:

Meanwhile, shares of Fox plunged after the announcement of Carlson’s departure.

“Shares were down by as much as 5.1 percent after the news broke. They have since recovered some of that ground,” Breitbart News reported.

  • Gil says:


  • CandygramForMongo says:

    The BULLIES on the left won’t stop there……not until ALL of America is destroyed.

  • Bret says:

    Th ex good news for fox?? Don lemon can step right in

  • Sharon says:

    Fox has given in to the left. No more truth. I hope they go broke.

  • TC Fan says:

    Sorry to see this happen. Tucker Carlson was one of the few remaining shows that look outside of the box. His coverage of the Jan 6 issue was very telling. Willing to bet his removal was part of the settlement deal with dominion. Can’t wait to see where he goes, plan on watching him where ever he ends up.

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