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Congress Introduces Amendment to Slash KJP Salary

Rep. Claudia Tenney on Thursday introduced an amendment to House Resolution 4664, a bill to fund the government through the current fiscal year ending on Sept. 30, 2024, that would reduce President Joe Biden’s press secretary’s salary to $1.

“I rise today to offer an amendment to reduce the salary of Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, to $1,” the New York Republican said on the House floor Thursday morning.

“Mr. Speaker, during Ms. Jean-Pierre’s tenure as press secretary, she has repeatedly lied to the American people, and acted in a condescending manner toward reporters, and also violated the Hatch Act.”

Tenney listed a number of false statements she said had been made by Jean-Pierre as she introduced her amendment.

Among those statements, Tenney said the press secretary had claimed that illegal immigration had fallen during Biden’s term, that the 2016 election of former President Donald Trump was “stolen” and that a stimulus bill championed by Biden had not increased inflation, among other things.

“How can somebody with such a history of deceit continue to serve as the liaison for the president and the American people?” Tenney asked in video posted to YouTube by Forbes.

Tenney also said that Jean-Pierre had a history of anti-Semitism, including an Op-Ed she penned that argued that “pro-Israel policies values are not progressive values,” a position Tenney suggested would not be supported even by members of the Democratic Party.

Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer stood immediately to object to the amendment, calling it “another unserious amendment.”

“We’ve had over 50 of these,” he said. “Every one that has been put to a roll call vote has lost. This one will as well, I hope.”

You can read the original H.R. 4664 in its entirety below.

A similar amendment to slash Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s salary to $1 passed the House Tuesday.

The cut, which is allowed under a bit of House procedure known as the Holman rule, was adopted by voice vote to become an amendment to the 2024 Transportation and Housing and Urban Development spending bill, according to The Hill.

The full bill has not yet been approved, but for it to be included in the final budget, the Democrat-controlled Senate would need to approve it, which is highly unlikely.

  • De says:

    It’s such a relief to see people be pissed off of the bull Shit that has been thrown around by the hateful demo rats. Now not all of them are bastards! Don’t get me wrong. We can’t crucify all of them. I think the good ones have come from the age of years ago when democrats were sane and did a good job. So now I’m older and see with my own eyes how far the horrible democrats are pushing horrible awful ideas that will completely destroy our once beautiful country. Take Nancy Pelosie for example. Ripping up former presidents Trumps address. That creepy bitch had such a evil look on her face as though she did something great. I believe there is a devil that has come to gather all these horrible people and take them to a very hot place. Let’s call it hell!!!! I’m tired of hearing all the stupid crap going on in our government.
    Impeaching innocent people because of hatetrid. If that’s not evil nothing is. I’m praying to see the way life use to be years ago. And what’s this about begging for money from people. These people who are running for office.should be using their own money to get to where they want to be? I’m sick of the beggars. I have Just enough money of my own to pay the bills etc! My phone is bugging with beggars. So you want to purchase a bill board! Caching!!!! There goes a couple of thousand dollars. I’m not the bank of American slow down, get a grip. Go out on the podium and state what your plans are to fix and strengthen AMERICA AGAIN. That’s suppose to be your JOB. And besides, how do I know what party is trying to grab what little money I have. It could be Russia for all I know. Think about this for a minute. Look what Ucarain has been doing to America! It has been sucking up barrels of our money. Next we will see we have become penniless. How do we know that guys wife hasn’t been buying fabulous items for herself.
    America has been too generous. We are almost at the bottom of the pot ourselves. Can’t keep printing money like Bido thinks we can. Look what he and his family is doing. They all need to go to jail and stay there. Stop picking on Trump! He was the one who set the country straight the first 100 days in office. I pray he comes back to serve the rest of his term so we can get back to normal. Do I hear a AMEN!

  • Frustratedofitall says:

    Anybody and everybody working for the current administration should have their pay cut. That includes Myaorkis who is also another lying creep. The DOJ, C Wray, Garland, etc. Worthless POSs.

  • D says:

    Instead of cutting their salary to $1, just get rid of them and save the dollar.

  • maga24 says:

    The senate can suck eggs. The house passed their bill, now the senate can choose to either fund their precious govt, or not. Simple.
    Fuck Schumer and Biden. The house had better not cave on any of these bills they have passed or we will be looking for a new speaker and members again.

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