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CNN Panics After Debate, Says Democrats Are Looking to Replace Biden

After Thursday night’s first 2024 election cycle debate on CNN, tensions boiled over as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump exchanged fierce criticisms on key issues such as the economy, immigration, and abortion. However, it was the aftermath that caught the nation’s attention, with CNN’s John King reporting a sense of panic among senior Democrats over Biden’s performance, raising questions about his continued candidacy.

Supporters of Biden were optimistic that he would present a clear and succinct message on immigration, aiming to counteract Trump’s critiques on this highly contentious issue. However, the performance did not meet expectations.

John King said right after the debate, “But minutes into the debate—and it continues right now—it involves party strategists, involves elected officials, it involves fundraisers, and they’re having conversations about the president’s performance, which they think was dismal, which they think will hurt other people down the party in the ticket, and having conversations about what they should do about it.”

“Some of those conversations include whether we should go to the White House and ask the president to step aside,” King continued. The discussion within the party suggests that some members believe it might be necessary for prominent Democrats to publicly call for Biden to reconsider his campaign.


Although Biden regained some composure later in the debate, his closing statements did little to calm the fears of party leaders. The growing doubts cast a long shadow over the campaign, with implications that could reshape the Democratic strategy moving forward with only a few moths left.

“[Biden] stuck to his official position. I think he could’ve expressed it more strongly,” a source close to the White House told CNN. “He needs to remind the American public of his record, both on the border and on helping long-term undocumented immigrants. He hasn’t done that yet,” another source added, describing a moment when Biden unexpectedly brought up immigration while discussing abortion as “awkward and not helpful.”

When questioned about his age, 78-year-old Donald Trump boasted about his cognitive abilities and his recent achievements in golf. “I took two cognitive tests. I aced them, both of them,” Trump said. “I’m in very good health. I just won two club championships.”

As the situation evolves, the calls for potential changes at the top of the Democrat ticket could bring a dramatic shift in the 2024 presidential race. November is only a few months away. Vice President Kamala Harris and California Gavin Newsom could be possible replacements for Joe Biden.

  • Michael says:

    It is absolutely amazing Democraps didn’t see this coming and voted for Biden in the primary. Love with it. You picked Biden and ignored his obvious decline.

  • See more says:

    I don’t like CNN, but I got to say they were very fair to Trump last night. I don’t think it’s gonna make their viewers increase any. Maybe that’s what they were after. I watched Fox.

  • Dorothy says:

    The Democrats have been going after Trump from day 1 even before his election. Look at what they are doing to Biden. We all know he suffers from Dementia and can not be accused of running this country. One Question, Why doesn’t anyone just ask him up front, Why he opened our borders. His answer and the Sick Democrats do not even have to answer. Well the American citizens want answers why. It is such a horror to our country. They really turned on the American people when the Democrats, elitists, and whoever help put in office. If we had Trump, who really won the election in 2024, this would have never happened with those gangster Politicians.My husband passed away a year ago from this disease and Biden shows every sign. It just goes to show how evil the Democrats really are and some Republicans.

  • Willie Lee says:

    Hang in there Joe! We’re rooting for you to stay in there for the sake of the country….and hand Trump victory!



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